Open Call – A 6-Week Residency

Open Call – A 6-Week Residency

Deadline: 30 Apr 2021

From the organizer:

With many residency and exchange programmes on hold since the pandemic, Sàn Art Studio is a small residency and mentorship initiative hoping to kickstart and develop one creative project while nurturing the cultural agenda of the city. The selected artist will be able to utilise our converted gallery as a living space and artist studio for the length of the residency, while benefiting from a production
fund and curatorial support to develop their project. In the spirit of community exchange, the artist will also be expected to share a little bit of their practice throughout their stay by co-organising weekly events open to the public such as screenings, reading groups, workshops, etc.

Calendar (08 june – 20 July 2021)

Week 1: 8 – 15 June: Residency launch and introduction talk
Week 2 – 5: 16 June – 12 July: Flexible schedule to develop personal project in addition to 1 community activity per week
Week 6: 13 – 20 July: Open-studio and post-residency critiques

Documents to apply:

– CV (format: pdf / 2 pages maximum)
– Portfolio (format: pdf / 10 pages maximum)
– Proposal – 1-page letter of interest (doc or pdf)
– Tentative schedule with at least one community-focused activity per week (format: doc or pdf / 1 page maximum)
– Applications can be submitted in Vietnamese or English

We provide:

– Up to 2,600,000 VND for travel reimbursement
– A total stipend of 4,500,000 VND for your daily expenses
– A total of 7,200,000 VND to help you organise community activities
– 20,000,000 VND of production fund
– Curatorial support ;
– Full access to Sàn Art gallery ;
– An open studio
– A private critique session at the end of your residency.


1) Who can apply?

We welcome the following disciplines: visual arts, film & moving image, sound art, performance art.
This open-call is limited to Vietnamese nationals that are currently residing in Vietnam. The residency cannot be done virtually.

2) Does my project fit the open-call?

We are looking for 3 things:
– practitioners who have a personal, creative project they wish to develop
– practitioners who can benefit from curatorial support and feedback to develop their project
– practitioners who wish to extend their practice in the format of community outreach activities

3) What should my proposal or letter of interest include?

The letter needs to:
– introduce yourself and your practice
– present the personal, creative project you are working on
– explain how the residency and curatorial support can be useful to your practice
– briefly explain how you wish to tie in your personal practice to community-focused activities

4) My personal project is not community-focused. Can I still apply?

Yes! Sàn Art studio aims to support YOUR personal project over the course of 6 weeks. The curatorial team and space will be available to help you develop your own work. However, this is also the opportunity for practitioners to share and give back to the community. We will organise an introduction talk for your project during Week 1 and an open-studio followed by critiques to present your work to the public in Week 6. You will have to organise community activities for Weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Activities could be, but are not limited to: film screenings, workshops, a sound walk, a photography tour, a sharing of your work-in-progress, reading groups, a performance open to the public, … anything that ties in with your practice and that can be shared with an audience.

5) Can I change the community activity schedule during my residency?

Yes, activities and dates are flexible as long as the talk and open-studio presentation in Weeks 1 and 6 are kept. The activities for the other weeks will have to be finalised one week in advance.

6) What is expected from me by the end of the residency?

There would be a presentation followed by critiques in Week 6 of the residency. The presentation could be an open-studio at the gallery, or a performance depending on your medium of choice.

7) How will the budget be disbursed?

– If you live outside of Ho Chi Minh City, travel costs will be reimbursed after the purchase of your travel tickets, in accordance to the allotted budget
– Stipends / Per diems will be given at the start of the residency
– Production will be given at the start of the residency
– Budget for community activities will be distributed weekly

8) Will I be living and working at the gallery space?

Ideally yes! Our gallery will be fully equipped to host you – you can take full advantage of the space for both living and working.

If you have any more question email us at [email protected]

This residency was made possible thanks to British Council Vietnam through Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam (CHV), 2018-2021, a project co-sponsored by the British Council and European Union, and organized by the British Council Vietnam in collaboration with VICAS.


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