Craft your visual story

Craft your visual story

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Event canceled

Sat 15 May 2021, 01:30 pm – 04:30 pm
Matca Space for Photography
48 Ngọc Hà, Hà Nội
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From the organizer:

Following the creative process of Punk Dragon’s Storybox, learn how to create your own 3D visual story. Bring your personal pictures (or use the provided ones) and transform them into a unique work. First, you will choose your inspirational background among three photos. The scenery will be the starting point to imagine your story. Using cut-outs techniques, Punk Dragon will guide you to work on composition and perspective. You will discover how to display pictures in a unique way, reveal the beauty out of everyday life, then go back home with an original craft design.

*This event takes place as part of Photo Hanoi ‘21, a month-long program initiated by the French Institute in Hanoi – L’Espace that aims to boost public engagement with different aspects of photography.

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