The Showcase: Dan Ni – Left in the wake

The Showcase: Dan Ni – Left in the wake

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Opening: Wed 05 May 2021, 06 pm
Exhibition: 06 – 17 May 2021, Mon – Fri, 08 am – 08 pm & Sat – Sun, 08 am – 05 pm
1Bis Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Bến Nghé ward, Dist 1, HCMC

From the organizer:

The exhibition ‘The Showcase: Dan Ni’ opens at GocLab art space located at Toong workplace at 1bis Pham Ngoc Thach, District 1, HCMC. Art-lovers, the community of entrepreneurs and intellectuals are invited to explore the world of everyday artefacts, urban solitude and forgotten presence.

The mixed media installation blurs the lines between art space and living space, boldly realizing the concept of “art as breath” of curator GocCreation. The event marks three consecutive months of The Showcase, where notable and emerging art projects are introduced to the public.

An exhibition dedicated to the appreciation of everyday artefacts

Titled ‘left in the wake’, ‘The Showcase: Dan Ni’ exhibits photography by visual artist Dan Ni, written-words by jj soa and sound installation by Nhung Nguyen (Sound Awakener). The exhibition is centered on artifacts that lie on the fringes of urban reality: closed shops, invoices, random hanging clothes, … thus depicting the feelings of loneliness and missed connections. At the same time, the artist also tells the story of poetic materials such as silk and scrap paper.

Curator GocCreation puts the exhibition in the heart of the business space of contemporary intellectuals, conveying the message of the ambiguity of the in-between and lonely distractions. The audience who approaches the art installation will not only actively view and contemplate, but also directly exist and breathe in the interwoven space between life and art.

When the art space is in harmony with the living and working environment

‘The Showcase: Dan Ni’ proves the unique improvisation capacity of the curators when they flexibly change the audience’s interaction with art. The exhibition transforms the common space of a work environment into another world – where art can simultaneously reside and be awakened. There, the audience not only sees and enjoys the artwork, but also goes into it, utilizes, lives and works within it. The organizers have boldly opened a gateway, so that the office intelligentsia can incorporate the artwork to their daily working behavior.

Replacing “the white cube”, The Showcase allows people to go inside, live and rest with art. This is how curators and urban developers bring art closer to the daily life of contemporary entrepreneurs and intellectuals, instead of alienating new ideas.

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