A Parallel Experience

A Parallel Experience

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Sun 04 July 2021, 10 am – 06 pm
CAB Hội An
16 Đồng Nà, Bến Trễ, Hội An, Quảng Nam
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From the organizer:

Mình mình thì…. (A self self shall…) is an eye-ear witnessing experience offered by Ngo Thanh Phuong and her co-creators, introducing the first experiments of their long-term project Through the door then…

This experience will be carried out via a “durational event” which will tentatively last for 8 hours, happening live at CAB Hoian. Simultaneously, everything that happens will be monitored by a security camera system (CCTV). The images documented by the cameras will be transmitted in real time to a few screening spaces around Vietnam (information about these venues will be updated soon).

Performers Thương Lê and Hoàng Anh are invited by Ngo Thanh Phuong to assume their roles as “two presences” within this experience. Additionally, the cameras are not considered live-stream tools in this instance.

Concept and conceived by: Ngô Thanh Phương
Assistant: Nguyễn Hạ Xuân Nguyên
Dramaturge: Đạt Nguyễn
Co-creation and execution: Thương Lê – Hoàng Anh
Sound consultants: Trần Kim Ngọc, Ian Richter
Producer: Red
Technical support: Quang Huy, Hồ Anh Vũ

We won’t label this experience as dance nor performance. This is merely our invitation to an open conversation and an invitation to a quest for questions.

For online audiences: after completing your registration and confirming your participation, we will be providing you with an account and password to access the live footages of the security cameras that capture this durational event.
Online audiences limit: 80 people

For audiences participating in live event: we will update with you about the registration form and the attendance methods. The information about the possibility of the live event might change following the COVID-19 situation.

This event is an experiment supported by Goethe Institut Ho Chi Minh City following the Ignite Creativity Grants 2021, focusing on the theme of “Digital Transformation”.

About Through the door then… project:

This project is Ngo Thanh Phuong’s search for harmony between human beings. In the first phase of this long-term project, Phuong creates a dialogue between two young dancers and two ex-prisoners using contrast and juxtaposition as tools to investigate her question.

Asian Cultural Council, Dancenucleus Studio and Goethe Institut Ho Chi Minh City provided the support for the first phase of this project, in which Phuong has been searching for various possibilities of movement expressions based on experimenting with contrasting elements within space and/or body.

Follow updates on event’s page.


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