P.A.S Festival 2021 (Digital)

P.A.S Festival 2021 (Digital)

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18 – 20 June 2021, 08 pm

From the organizer:

Since its first edition at La Cinémathèque in May 2015, P.A.S Festival takes place every year in different theatres in Hanoi: Nhà hát Kịch Việt Nam (Vietnam National Drama Theatre), Nhà hát Nhạc Vũ Kịch Việt Nam (Vietnam Opera and Ballet Theatre)… The vocation of the P.A.S. Festival is to create a place and a time for multicultural artistic exchange between the different actors of the performing arts present in Vietnam and South-East Asia.

To ensure the safety of our ATH Community during the current Covid situation, P.A.S Festival will be switched to online on P.A.S YouTube Channel to help keep everyone motivated with fun, uplifting and enjoyable moments.

Music Improvisation – 18 June 2021, 08 pm

Wonder how your words will be delivered through music? Let’s ATH teachers improvise it for you.
Performed by ATH’s music teachers

Final des duel d’Improvisation – 19 June 2021, 08 pm

After 4 months of dual improvisation at ATH, the winners meet for the Final. A competition with 8 players and there will only be one winner.
Performed by ATH’s students
Language: French

Impro Online – Un petit bout de vie – 20 June 2021, 08 pm

Improvisation yes, but on screen! A real improvised film, we follow the life of two characters defined by the public.
Performed by ATH’s students
Language: French

About ATH
ATH is the only artistic practice space in Hanoi open to all, in Vietnamese, French and English. Theatre, dance, music, song, visual arts: through collective creation, ATH considers artistic practice as a vehicle for exchange, benevolence, trust and knowledge of self and others.

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