ReConnect: Verbindung

ReConnect: Verbindung

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Sat 03 July 2021, 07 pm
Livestream via Goethe-Institut Hanoi

From Goethe Institut:

The background for the audiovisual performance is an encounter. Linh Hà and AGF met during an artist exchange and residency program called Blind Signal in 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Both artists collaborated in Hanoi and Berlin together and discovered an interesting connection to their backstories.

Linh Hà’s parents spent their young adulthood studying and working, like many other Vietnamese ‘guest’ workers (Gastarbeiter), in the former GDR, the East German Soviet occupied socialist part of Germany, during the 80s. At that time, AGF was just a teenager behind the wall finding her own way. Linh Hà ‘s parents and AGF must have crossed paths in the party scene and student clubs in the wild end of 1980s in Halle/Saale, shortly before the Berlin Wall came down, but they never met. After the wall came down Linh Hà was born in Berlin when AGF started her first steps into her practice as an electronic musician. This special Vietnamese-German history playing out 30 years later in Hanoi, Vietnam where they met (again). AGF was invited to Linh Hàs home to meet her parents and memories from that time were exchanged. Another detail that draws the history together is that AGF grew up in a socialist ghetto city nicknamed Ha-Neu (i.e.: Halle-Neustadt, abbreviated and spoken: as Ha-Neu)…

In 1980, the GDR was known to have hosted around 2,000 ‘guest’ workers from Vietnam to support their industries such as the chemical plants..

About artists

Linh Hà (*1991)

is a self-taught musician who has been active since 2016. Her works aim to enrich the appreciation of the present, the relationships between humans and the connections between humans and nature. She has collaborated with artists from various art disciplines, like acting, contemporary dance, visual and motions. With each performance she invites the audience to experience a sonic, emotional journey and to contemplate essential topics, calling for engagement and reflection on social and environmental challenges.

Her work has primarily occurred in the live realm, having performed at Cryptic Presents 2020 (Glasgow), Blind Signal 2019 (Berlin), LUCfest 2018 (Taiwan), Jai Thep 2018, 2019, 2020 (Thailand) and Quest 2016, 2017, 2018 (Vietnam).

She’s also the singer of the live electronic project – Tiny Giant, – with whom she has performed in Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Belgium, Australia.

Antye Greie-Ripatti (*1969)

aka AGF, aka poemproducer is a vocalist, digital songwriter, producer, performer, e- poet, calligrapher, digital, media artist and curator. She is known for artistic exploration of digital technology through the deconstruction of language and communication.

She has lead workshop and groups shows in Europe and the US. She has a subtle way of bringing in contemporary questions of cultural and political relevance into her work and into her interaction with other artists and the audiences.

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