Submissions Are Open: Dust & Metal

Submissions Are Open: Dust & Metal

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Submit here before 30 July 2021

From the organizer:

The Dust & Metal team invite you to submit your video footage, audio recordings, photographic stills or written texts related to motorbikes in Vietnam to be preserved for posterity. In addition, you have the chance for your footage to be selected for inclusion in the final feature film. Footage chosen for ‘Dust & Metal’ will be paid 800,000 VND (£25) per minute and a film credit will be included.

Dust & Metal (Cát bụi và Kim loại) is a feature-length documentary film currently in production in Vietnam. It is directed by Esther Johnson @blanche_pictures (‘Asunder’, 2016) and produced by Live Cinema UK @livecinemauk , in association with Vietnam Film Institute and the TPD Centre for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents @trungtamtpd. The project is funded by the British Council Digital Collaboration Fund with the initial R&D phase funded through BC’s FAMLAB (Film–Archive–Music) Fund. @britishcouncil


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