Drawing Workshop “Superheroines Through My Eyes”

Drawing Workshop “Superheroines Through My Eyes”

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Sun 26 Sep 2021, 03 pm – 04:30 pm
Google Meet
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From the organizer:

Superheroines – women with incredible power exist beyond sci-fi movies. Close your eyes and imagine your own superheroines, who do you think of? Join us to learn and explore how to portray your own superheroines through the language of colors, lines and shapes in this workshop on 26th September. After joining the workshop, you can also submit your sketch to the contest “The World Needs Superheroines”!

“The World Needs Superheroines” is a drawing contest hosted by the Embassy of Spain in Vietnam in collaboration with the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. The contest aims to portray, celebrate, and radiate respect for women in all aspects of everyday life – the people who, with their work and actions, have contributed to creating a better life.

Under the earnest facilitation of Sến, the workshop will provide you with useful references to approach the contest topic, to explore and develop ideas, and to use different formats, techniques, and materials to effectively and creatively portray your own superheroines.

Joining the workshop, you will also gain meaningful experience with companions from Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, WildAct Vietnam.
To participate in the workshop, you just need to prepare basic drawing tools such as paper and pen/pencil to sketch your ideas. The event is free to everyone in Vietnam who loves art/creativity, with no limit on age or artistic skills.

Hosted by the Embassy of Spain in Vietnam in collaboration Vietnamese Women’s Museum and Hanoi Grapevine
Event language: Vietnamese

* The workshop will take place online via Google Meet. The invitation link will be sent to your email 01 day before the event.

About the facilitators

Sến is an artist duo consisting of Sên and Sắc, created with the desire to store the creative journey in the conversations between the two and in the interaction with their surroundings while sharing and spreading the love for art to everyone. Sharing the common interest for art education in general and art education for children in particular, the duo has held art classes and facilitated several art courses. They aim to create a friendly, joyous, and creative environment for art education/experience to radiate the love for art in the community.

Sên is the nickname of Trịnh Ngân Hạnh. She graduated with a degree in Studio Arts from Université Rennes 2, France (2020). After 6 years of studying in France, Hạnh returned to Vietnam and is currently based in Hanoi. In addition to her personal creative practice, she also collaborates with several art projects/spaces as art director and teaches art to children. She is the author of “Mầm” – an art blog she created in 2018.

Sắc is the nickname of Lê Tú Anh. After completing her degree in Painting at Ewha Womans University in South Korean (2019), Tú Anh returned to Vietnam and has worked not only as an artist but also actively involved in art education and creative projects. Tú Anh teaches art to children at Tito Art Centre, and is working on a personal project on sharing art knowledge. She participated in several group exhibitions in South Korea and Vietnam, the most recent being “What are we tricking?” at Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA).

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