Call For Application For the ON THE REEL Film Lab Course

Call For Application For the ON THE REEL Film Lab Course

Deadline: Thurs 30 Sep 2021, 11:59 pm (Vietnam time, GMT+7)
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From the organizer:

UNESCO in collaboration with the Centre for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents (TPD) – Vietnam Cinema Association are opening application for the non-profit film production course ON THE REEL Film Lab, with the companionship of the General Delegation Wallonia – Brussels (Belgium) in Vietnam, HKFilm, WallSound, Hanoi Grapevine and Colab Vietnam.

The course aims to provide basic knowledge to help young filmmakers develop short film projects, find a suitable production route and self-orient a filmmaking career.

The course’s objectives

– Introduce the diversity in creativity and short film production, especially a low-budget short film;
– Explain international film festivals system and procedures of submitting films to festivals;
– Develop participants’ personal projects.

How to join

ON THE REEL Film Lab will select 6 short film projects. To participate in the course, young filmmakers need to submit a proposal for a feature film, documentary film or a hybrid project (combining two genres) individually or as a group.

Target participants

– Vietnamese filmmakers over 18 years old;
– For Writer and Director: have experience in at least 1 short film, regardless of genre, as a screenwriter, director, or editor;
– For Producer: held crucial positions (producer, production assistant, assistant director, film screening organiser) in previous projects;
– Participants can fully attend the program’s activities during the period from October 5-18;
– Participants have basic English communication ability.


In addition to the specialized knowledge acquired from the course, the projects will also have the opportunity to receive:
– Two (02) cash prizes of 1,000$/each;
– Two (02) packages of camera and lighting equipments from the sponsor HKFilm;
– One (01) audio post-production package from the sponsor Wallsound.

Who will you meet at ON THE REEL Film Lab?

The course has the guidance and participation of many prestigious domestic and foreign directors and filmmakers: director Pimpaka Towira, director Pham Ngoc Lan, director Truong Minh Quy, director Bui Kim Quy, director Trinh Dinh Le Minh.

ON THE REEL Film Lab, which will be held online via Zoom platform from October 5 – 18, includes 2 workshops alternating with discussions among participants and mentors to strengthen and complete the project.

For full information about the project as well as detailed regulations, please read more here

The course ON THE REEL Film Lab is part of the project E-MOTIONS: Mobilizing film professionals for regional cooperation which is being conducted by UNESCO and cooperative partners, with the support from the Trust Fund of Japan. The project aims to enhance the capacity and empowerment of filmmakers, as well as organize activities to connect domestic filmmakers with their peers in the region.

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