”Special Financial Support Program” by ATH

”Special Financial Support Program” by ATH

Register before 12/09/2021
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From the organizer:

Understanding that we are having a difficult time, ATH, therefore, would love to present our sharing and thankfulness to all students and parents for your involvement. In the academic year 2021 – 2022, ATH apply a Special Support up to 30% off to all running courses:

– 20% OFF for online subscriptions before Sep 12, 2021.
– 30% OFF for direct registration at ATH on Open Day. The official Open Day will be updated on ATH’s website and Fanpage. Stay tuned!

More information about our classes, please check here

About ATH

ATH is a platform for education in the performing arts led by professional artists. Weekly classes, performances, research, and experimentation workshops create a community where cultural diversity and the pleasure of being in a group and performing together are emphasized.


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