Call for Contributions – Postcards from the Pandemic

Call for Contributions – Postcards from the Pandemic

09:30 – 18:00, 13 Oct – 05 Nov 2021
Work Room Four
31/67 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Hanoi

From the organizer:

We want you to contribute to our community art project.

We want you to tell us “How you are” and “How you feel” by putting it onto a postcard. Share a thought, or a feeling, or an emotional response you have had during the pandemic. Have you felt lonely? Or scared? Or found joy in something surprising? Or learnt a valuable life lesson?

Create a postcard (or three) and be part of our special exhibition. All postcards will be shown in an exhibition from the 9th – 22nd November 2021 and also made into a book available for purchase with all profits donated to a Vietnam based mental health charity. After the exhibition is over the original postcards will be sealed in a time capsule.

How does it work?

You can submit your postcard in several different ways. Follow the guidelines below and choose from one of the submission methods.

Creating and submitting your postcard

*Option 1: Visit the studio. The entrance area of Work Room Four has been made into a postcard creation station. Drop in, use our resources and pop your postcard in the post box.

*Option 2: Cut some paper or card to a rectangle of 10 x 15 cm or take a blank postcard from the studio and make your postcard at home and deliver it to us, by post or by hand. Our address is 31/67 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Ha Noi.

*Option 3: Make your postcard by hand and photograph or scan it. Or create it digitally. Send it to us by email, if you’re comfortable with that, to [email protected]
Or if you prefer to remain anonymous, use this google form

Creation Station at Work Room Four

The idea behind the project is simple, to collect as many thoughts and feelings from our community as possible, and display these together alongside each other. Art in its simplest and most sophisticated terms, is communication and community. Art binds people to places and to each other.

We hope this project will allow the smallest degree of emotional release for each postcard creator and a brief moment of comfort and safety for every viewer. To understand that as we are allowed to validate our own separate thoughts and feelings, we can find comfort in the knowledge we are never completely alone in our desires, aspirations, tragedies and successes.

This is a community based non-profit project designed to allow our community a safe space to express themselves creatively. Work Room Four reserves the right to not exhibit any postcards which use any hate speech, abusive or derogatory comments or imagery.

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