Online video performance Hanoi – Berlin: Upcycling

Online video performance Hanoi – Berlin: Upcycling

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Sun 24 Oct 2021, 07 pm
Livestream via Fanpage Goethe-Institut Hanoi
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From Goethe Institut:

DonNa Huong (Hanoi) and Ignaz Schick (Berlin) have known each other and been collaborating in joint workshops and sound projects since 2017. Both artists each have their own approach to randomly found materials. They are currently working on a joint project on the topic of Upcycling.

Ignaz Schick has always used randomly found material as a starting point for his patchwork-style compositions, physical objects, and collages – be it old records, archive material, photographs, or random finds. A central element of Schick’s work is sampling in all its variations (analog, digital, montage-like).

DonNa Huong has developed her very own obsession with objects and their inherent sound properties. She likes to work with everyday objects and random finds, eliciting the most obscure sounds and noises from her material. Inspired by Japanese sound researcher Akio Suzuki, she harnesses electronic amplification and intense performance art to provoke surprising, hidden, and unexpected sounds from her objects, creating idiosyncratic and abstract, yet poetic sound collages.

Upcycling is about exploring the sonic and musical qualities of inconspicuous or everyday objects and random finds. In three work phases, which each last several days, the two artists will jointly do research online to develop an online video performance staged by the duo.


Ignaz Schick (1972)

is sound artist, composer and experimental turntablist. He lives in Berlin. As a child he learned to play saxophone after meeting Don Cherry. He received composition lessons from Josef Anton Ried and at the Academy of the Arts Munich. In Berlin, he has been and is a major figure for electro acoustic music. Among other things he co-founded the real-time music scene Berlin. He toured worldwide, received numerous scholarships, and collaborated with renowned musicians such as Mwata Bowden, Don Cherry, Douglas Ewart, Limpe Fox, George Lewis, Toshi Nakamura, Charlemagne Palestine, Akira Sakata, and Martin Tetreault. Since 1999 has made the label Zarek, curated and organized several festivals for experimental music (FAM Festival, Erase & Reset, Sound Shifts, Realtime Music Days 2010, The International Turntable Orchestra, Flux Festival). In 2018 he received the prestigious scholarship for the Cultural Academy Tarabya in Istanbul.

Hương DonNa

is lecturer in the Department of Musical Instruments at the National College of Art Education. Graduated from Music Education at National University of Art Education in 2013, jazz major at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in 2014 and master degree in Cultural Management at the National University of Art Education in 2016. In 2012, she achieved outstanding achievements in scientific research at National University of Art Education. In addition, she also studied courses at DomDom – The Hub For Experimental Music & Art, guided by artists Henrik Frisk, Stefan Östersjö and Trần Kim Ngọc.

During her artistic practice, she always tested the combination of objects in an extremely realistic way, combined traditional instruments with electronic divisions to tell her story.

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