Antigone by Director Tran Luc

Antigone by Director Tran Luc

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Sat 06 Oct 2021, 08 pm
Youth theater Hanoi
11 Ngo Thi Nham Str., Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Premiering on Facebook and Youtube at the same time as the live performance

From Goethe Institut:

Antigone belongs to the family of Oedipus, and so the tragedy starts. The story of ANTIGONE takes root from the scramble of her two brothers over the power of the crown. Both die in battle. The successor king Creon decides that the brother who protected the city would be buried but the other brother who attacked the city does not deserve a grave. Antigone disobeys the law and buries the unburied brother. She defies Creon’s law. And so Antigone must die.

The play ANTIGONE is about this ever-recurrent conflict between positive law and natural law, between government order and the universal order. The play exposes the threat by absolute rule and implies an alternative order without.

Trần Lực’s approach reminds us of Hegel’s theory of tragedy. “Antigone and Creon do not recognize that they are violating the other’s moral law through their actions and demands, because they (must) consider their own orientation to be paramount.”

* The play will be premiered on Youtube at the same time as the offline performance. Details will be announced later.

** For the play “Antigone”, Youth Theater will only accept the audiences who have already had 2 doses of Covid vaccine and please bring the identification with you for further information check (if required). Please sit at distanced positions in the auditorium and comply with the Covid epidemic prevention regulations of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam (5K).

*** The allowed number of the audience will still depend on the actual situation and specific regulations of Hanoi.


Tran Luc

started his career as an actor but he is more famous as a film director. He studied at Hanoi University of Theater and Cinema in 1983 and from 1984 to 1990 he studied theatre director at University of Theatre and Cinema Sophia – Bulgaria. As an actor, Tran Luc left a strong impression on the audience through films: My mother-in-law, Red Flower, Lover and husband, Nguyen Ai Quoc in Hong Kong. For film, he recently personified Trịnh Công Sơn. He is highly appreciated both as director and actor. He received numerous prizes. In 2015, Tran Luc established LucTeam Theater Troupe. He has been actively since working with young actors and actresses to create new theatre works such as “The Jealousy of Cinderella” by Moliere, “The Bald Female Singer” and “Quẫn” by Long Chuong.

Do Tri Hung

Nguyen Thanh Nam

Ta Vu Thu

Ta Duy Dong

Dieu Hang
Costume artist


+ Antigone: Ngọc Trâm
+ Ismene: Phương My
+ Kreon: Trường Khang
+ Choir: Anh Tuấn – Thanh Long – Mạnh Thắng – Tùng Nam – Minh Đức

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