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A wo|man

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Sat 08 Jan 2022, 08 pm
Vietnam National Opera&Ballet
11 Ngõ Núi Trúc, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
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From Goethe Institut:

“I have been a stranger here in my own land: All my life
The blasphemy of my birth has followed me”

– Sophocles, Antigone

Antigone defies the law, fights to the death for love and godly devotion… in the entire play of Sophocles, there is also Antigone full of loneliness, lost to despair…
…first and foremost, an ordinary person, with all the worldly feelings, the conflicting contradictions of the fierce inner world.

Instead of attempting to convey all of the philosophical layers of the immense Greek play, A wo|man focuses on delving into Antigone’s inner world, which has previously been full of hidden implications. The dance departs from the traditional interpretation of the heroine as a symbol of free will, justice, and right… in order to reveal a more human Antigone, which is expressed through movement and body language.

“The body is another place where the mind has no control. It includes both the language of consciousness and the echo of emotions and instincts. That is how A wo|man wants to tell this story: original, raw and real.”

The play aspires to broaden the dimensions of “Antigone”—with insights and experiences from the “today” lens regarding a story from 2500 years ago—through new experiments in its approach to the original play and its adaptation in contemporary dance.

Choreographer: Hoang Ha, Minh Hai
Co-writers: Hoang Ha, Pham Huong, Minh Hai
Art Advisor: Do Hoang Thi Ngoc
Actors: Minh Hai, Hoang Ha, Tran Minh, Quay Tran, Ha Kieu Anh, Ze Ly
Music: Ian Richter
Accompanied by the Goethe-Institut and Kinergie Studio
Media Partner: Hanoi Grapevine

To ensure pandemic prevention regulations, attendees need to ensure that they have had 2 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and have a certificate of Covid negative test within 72 hours before the event. Audiences will sit at distanced seats in the auditorium and comply with the Covid-19 prevention regulations of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (5K).


Hoàng Hà (*1988)

is an independent performer. Her practice is mainly about contemporary dance, puppetry, theater performance and using these in healing and human development. Much of her work is associated with Kinergie Studio and Mắt Trần Ensemble. Some of the works she has participated in: “A Touch of Belgium”, Krossing Over Arts Festival, Chật 2:1:2, L’EGO, Eye see AI, “Cu Lac and the theory of Sneezing”, Giễu Tỷ Can, Oresteia, “Where is There, There is Here” Concert,…

Phạm Hương (*1988)

started her artistic practices in painting and performing a few years after her graduation as an architect (2012). From 2017–2020 in Vietnam, she worked with Kinergie Studio and collaborated with other artists in 6 performances and 4 exhibitions. In January 2021, she moved to India and started collaborating with the international artists there in processing 4 performances and more.

Trần Minh Hải (*1993)

started her career in practicing contemporary dance in 2018. She aspires to create new journeys of discovery through movement, dance and “play”. Thereby, she can expand deeper and more quality connections. Hai has participated in many shows and performed at “A Touch of Belgium”, Krossing Over Arts Festival, “2:1:2 Tight” Play, L’EGO Show and other Kinergie Studio’s activities. Currently, Hai is a performer and dance teacher at Kinergie Studio.

Đỗ Hoàng Thi Ngọc (*1978)
Art consultant

is the co-founder and Director at Kinergie Studio. After graduating from the Vietnam Dance College, he performed as a principal dancer for Vietnam National Opera and Ballet. In this period, Ngoc was one of the few Vietnamese dance artists who collaborated with the renowned French choreographer and Ballet Atlantique Company. He followed this by studying and working in contemporary dance in France in 2000–2006. This period has formed his unique improvisational and natural dance style. The contemporary dance group +84, which he formed with two friends, was acclaimed as one of the most outstanding groups in Vietnam.

Trần Minh (*1992)

graduated from Vietnam Academy of Dance (2018). Since 2019 Minh has focused on personal practices through observing and listening to the transformation of mind and body to discover the true movements. Minh collaborates with artists and organizations such as FAMLAB, Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB), Asea Space in group shows and exhibitions.

Trần Minh Quang – alias Quay Trần (*1998)

is the founder of the Hip-hop dance group “Abnormal Conceptz” which has won many awards in Hip-hop competitions and tournaments. Quay is pursuing the path of open-minded thinking by constantly exploring new materials while experimenting with many different movement languages. He participated in L’EGO, a contemporary dance performance organized by Kinergie Studio.

Hà Kiều Anh (*2001)

graduated from Vietnam Academy of Dance (2020). With talent and understanding in various types of movement, she actively supports and participates in many projects, plays as well as art performance competitions in Vietnam and abroad: Asian Global Bellydance Festival 2011, Festival Global Bellydance Competition 2012, “Thunderstorm” (2020, Japan Foundation), “The Nest” (2021, Goethe-Institut).

Trần Hải Linh – alias Zê Ly (*1994)

does not assign herself to a certain role or definition. She believes all creativity has no limits and cannot be labeled. Ly practices and experiments with a variety of movement genres. She used to study and work at Kinergie Studio, participated in projects such as: “Things that remember” – Creative Noni Group, “Krossing Over Arts Festival 2019”, “Exploring Connection – A Touch of Belgium”, “Chật 1.0”,…

Ian Richter (*1980)

is a musician, producer, and music therapist who operates through a number of artistic personas. His sonic activity includes performing in clubs, composing for contemporary dance, and designing sound for film and the visual arts. His recorded pieces cover a number of genres, from experimental synth-work to leftfield techno. With a unique grasp of the human experience of sound and fluent control over its physics, Richter is able to explore new territories while never letting go of the heart of musical expression.

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