Online Premiere: Jasmin

Online Premiere: Jasmin

Mon 20 Dec 2021, 08 pm
Online on event’s Facebook page

From the organizer:

Jasmin, is an experimental project by young choreographer Chi Nguyen and director La Zung. In collaboration with talented musicians and dancers, this short film reflects the unique perspectives of genders in today’s society through the medium of dance.

Chi Nguyen is a national awarded professional dancer. After finish her second dance education in Germany for contemporary dance,, she went back to Vietnam with the goal of experience and develop more in both dancing and choreographing.

La Zung is a well known and experienced director with many excellent projects in TVC, music video and experimental films. He has won many international awards and will continue to conquer as bringing out more outstanding artwork for the community.

This event is made possible with the support of an initiative from the Goethe-Institut in Ho Chi Minh City – Ignite Creativity Grant 2021 (ICG) program with our chosen theme: Gender Equality.

Executive Producer: La Zung, Chi Nguyen
Director: La Zung
Producer: Ngân Nguyễn
Director of Photography: Nghĩa Phùng
Assistant Director: Lê Võ Khả Ái
Choreographer: Chi Nguyen
Dancers: Thúy Ngân, Hoàng Minh, Ty Bùi, Nhon Vo, VoTNghia, DaJay, Basid Long, Lil Pie, Oanh Vũ
Poet: Liêu Hà Trinh
Music Composer: Tung & Mess.
Production Designer: Nguyễn Huỳnh Phương An
Assistant PD: Đo
Stylist: Quỳnh Trang
Stylist Assistant: Kim Quyên
Makeup Artist: Ngọc Quỳnh
Props Master: Trần Lực
Props team by: Trần Lực
Camera Operator: Tâm Trần, Bobby Hong
Focus: Bin, Thái Sơn
AC: Trung Hiếu, Trung Trực, Liêm Nguyễn
Flycam: Toàn Thiên An
Gaffer: Hồ Hữu Luân
Rental House: Klight
Camera & Lens: Hanoilens
Photographer: Yau Yau, Minh Nate
Location Manager: Bảo Trần
Catering: Storm team
Transportation: Trung Oanh team
Offline Editor: Đăng Duy, Anh Le
Colorist: Đỗ Kim Nhật
Online: Đăng Duy

Special Thanks to:
Dancenter Vietnam
UC Dance Space
Ngân Lê
Mew Amazing
Dustin Phuc Nguyen
Nguyễn Báu Studio
Người Bình Dương Page

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