Opening Night: Mental Gym

Opening Night: Mental Gym

Sat 25 Dec 2021, 08 pm
Meeting ID: 815 2024 6683

From the organzier:

Due to the ongoing severity of COVID restrictions in Vietnam this year, many of our daily activities have come to a halt, and most of us are taking recommended precautions while staying at home. Public events such as exhibitions, gatherings, workshops, etc. are being held online for the sake of public safety. Access to basic necessities such as food and treated water has become unpredictable of late which adds to the general anxiety within the community.

In times like these, we tend to utilize our home and whatever is available to exercise and keep ourselves physically healthy. However, the extended social-distancing campaign has taken away the opportunity to meet and interact with others, which leads to a blow to our mental and emotional well-being, and compounds existing mental health problems that most people in Vietnam tend to ignore in any case. What is more, those who have been relying on mental health services also experience a disruption in their stress-release routine, while resources regarding these aspects are extremely scarce at home.

Committing to our on-end mission of providing accessible resources for mental health amid the pandemic, W; wants to adapt our workshops and activities to an online platform where we will be able to continue supporting people in need, both in Vietnam as well as among the overseas Vietnamese communities. For that reason, Mental Gym, as a part of Unfurl, was born.

Mental Gym will include our usual basic workshop – Theatre, Movement, Sound, Yoga, Writing and Art, that are freshly adapted to our online platform – accessible from one’s very home

This event is made possible with the support from the Goethe-Institut in Ho Chi Minh City and Yoga Pod

* Language: Vietnamese

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