Creaative Dance – METTLER Scholarship

Creaative Dance – METTLER Scholarship

Deadline: Sat 18 Jan 2022, 11:59 pm
2 semesters: 06 Feb – 29 May, 2022
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From the organizer:

Mettler-based Creative Dance Scholarship program provides an introduction to the underlying principles and teaching methods used in Mettler-based Creative Dance. The scholarship is provided by Mettler Studio Inc., USA & Vietnam Dance/Movement Therapy for professional and personal development.

We hope the Mettler-based Creative Dance program is a special gift to kindle your heart, uplift your creative spirit and nurture your resilience during this trying time dealing with Covid-19.

Mettler-based Creative Dance uses natural human movement as the material of expression. It was developed by the American dance pioneer, Barbara Mettler, whose principle is “dance grows out of an inner feeling”, and does not rely on images or ideas to develop into clear and meaningful forms. She believed dance is a basic human need and should be made available to all people.

Training program is designed to give our students the experience of moving freely in relationship to each other in order to create a little more beauty in the world. The material is presented as a series of creative problems which are solved by individuals or groups with improvised dancing. Our objective is to give our students the chance to grow as dancers, and to learn the skills and methods that support effective teaching of Mettler-based dance material in their own professional work.

Participants will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills that support their development as dancers and teachers/facilitators.

By the end of the series participants will be able to:
– Dance spontaneously by following their own kinesthetic (or movement) feeling both individually and in groups.
– Develop their movement imaginations.
– Use voice, hands, and feet to create their own accompaniment.
– Identify and discuss key concepts of Mettler-based dance such as
Organic form, abstract qualities of movement, formed feeling, the importance of relaxation, the differences between individual and group movement expression.
– Use the material of natural human movement to develop class plans for the groups they will work with.

Participants may also experience:
– Increased flexibility and range of motion
– A greater sense of freedom and creativity in all aspects of their lives
– More perceptiveness of mood or emotional state of the people around them in everyday settings through awareness of the tension, posture and movement of others

Mary Ann Brehm, PhD
Mary Ann Breh is a dance artist/educator and author focusing on creative somatic approaches to dance. President of Mettler Studios, she has taught classes there since 1990, including an annual Dance Teacher Training with Griff Goehring. Dr. Brehm began her study with Barbara Mettler in 1977 and was a member of the Barbara Mettler Dance Company (1983, 1990-91) and Mettler’s dance assistant from 1990-1994. She is editor of Barbara Mettler Teaching Dance, a compilation of lessons and videos of Mettler’s. Her most recent book, Foundations of Barbara Mettler’s Approach to Dance: Principles and Teaching Guidelines is being publish by Mettler Studios.
She has taught dance courses for several universities and offers intensive workshops either on Zoom or throughout the United States. Her doctorate in dance (1988) is from University of Wisconsin-Madison where she researched teaching principles of Margaret H’Doubler.

Griff Goehring, MA
Griff Goehring is a dancer and dance educator who believes that if you can move, you can dance. She has taught people of all ages and abilities in diverse settings such as pre-schools, elder care homes, psychiatric care facilities, and professional studios. Griff co-teaches the Mettler Studios Teacher Training with Mary Ann Brehm, PhD and offers dance retreats and workshops.
Her methods are grounded in the principles developed by Barbara Mettler, an American pioneer in dance. Griff studied and worked with Mettler in the 1970s & 1980s at the Tucson Creative Dance Center in Arizona, USA. She performed in Mettler’s professional groups and served as Mettler’s Teaching Assistant. She has a Master’s Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Antioch/New England Graduate School (1993). Griff’s focus for the coming years is on the development of the next generation of creative dance educators.

Karenne H. Koo, Artist
Karenne H. Koo is a dance artist committed to developing and practicing multi-disciplinary approaches to encourage and stimulate the art of inclusive dance as an instrument for building community. In 2017, she co-founded Dancesequences Inc., a Tucson-based nonprofit dance organization with the mission to advance societal inclusion through dance. She serves on the Board of Directors of Mettler Studios, Inc. and is a member of the International Association for Creative Dance.
Utilizing Mettler-based creative dance as a foundational resource, Karenne has conducted creative dance residencies in the United States and internationally (Vietnam, Indonesia, Peru) for vulnerable communities with little or no access to dance programming, including women rescued from trafficking/abuse/homelessness, children and adults with diverse abilities, LGBTQ Support networks, students at local schools, open community classes and more. She continues to work towards expanding the potential of creative dance as an inclusive, communal experience.

Course information:
– Duration: 2 semesters from February 6 to May 29, 2022
– Time: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM every Sunday, February and May 2022
+ 1st semester: 6th to 27th February, 2022
+ Practice period: Self-study & practice with learning resources provided by the program, with the guidance of lecturers.
+ 2nd semester: 8th to 29th May, 2022
– Lectures are conducted Online via Zoom
– Language: English-Vietnamese

Students could be:
– Dancers, performance artists, facilitators in using creative arts for personal development
– Teachers, social workers, psychologists, therapists, medical staffs, parents, students,…
– All Vietnamese or international citizens living in all parts of the world who are interested in using movement to express and create for their holistic development.

– Interested in creating and expressing freely through movement-
– Desire to discover subtle body languages
– Desire to learn and holistically develop BODY-MIND-SOUL through movement without regard to age, gender, dance experience,…
– Can converse in English at intermediate level

Scholarship information:
– Scholarship: 90%, 75%, 50%, or 30% of the course value
– Course value: $US 530 (12,000,000 VND) including learning materials

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