Le Dong Phuc’s Screening to “Till Later Letters”

Le Dong Phuc’s Screening to “Till Later Letters”

Wed 19 Jan 2022, 07 pm – 09 pm
Á Space
Ô Cách Market, Alley 59 Ngô Gia Tự, Long Biên, Hà Nội
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From the organizer:

Upon accepting Van’s invitation, as I was looking for a response to the exhibition “Till later letters” and its works, I suddenly stumbled across an abandoned house. The first thing that hits my nostrils is a particularly familiar smell — one that every abandoned house possesses. A musty smell? It’s hard to find the right words to describe the smell precisely, but it is certain that if I inhale deeply without paying attention to my breath, a clot will soon form in my nostrils. Should I let that smell in slowly, then send it all away completely?

Certainly, there is no dweller in an abandoned house, but I can’t help looking at the remnants and conjuring up a faint image of the lives that once took place here. Someone must have sat on that chair; they must have opened the wardrobe. That bed and this table couldn’t have been left untouched. Oh? So are they the fruits of my own imagination and creation, or are they trying to communicate with me in some way? Perhaps, they are mice, insects, wild grass, musty moss — microscopic beings — all of which exist in the present tense?

In this abandoned house, I can’t tell whether it is day or night, but I do feel sleepy. If I feel sleepy, then isn’t it nighttime by now? If I sleep now, will it be daytime when I wake up? When the night ends, will the day come as a matter of course? I know that if I unwind and go to bed right now, there’s a chance I will sink into a never-ending night. I’m afraid that I will lose the right to be in my own present.

So I have decided to play some movies/videos and I would like you to join me. Our movie/video schedule will be as follows:
– Dark Summer Night, Toad in the well. Duration: 1 minute 41 seconds
– Francesco, giullare di Dio / Francis, God’s Jester (1950). Duration: 90 minutes.
– Break: 5 minutes.
– Dragon Slaying Saber. Duration: 50 seconds.
– Yûkoku / Patriotism (1966). Duration: 27 minutes 37 seconds.
– A movie trailer (hidden name). Duration: 1 minute.

Note: Movies with English subtitle. Limited participants: 20 people.

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