Exhibition: Reflection of the Doubled Scenery

Exhibition: Reflection of the Doubled Scenery

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25 May – 15 June 2022, 10 am – 07 pm
Hanoi Studio Gallery
13 Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

The series is “the story of a person standing somewhere between worlds, at the juncture of the future and the past. Ahead is an unfamiliar and overwhelming land and culture which needs to be grasped, yet is full of challenges and difficulties to integrate and to continue on the creative journey. Behind is a period of life with nostalgic colors of memories, childhood, and yearning love for the homeland. In the end, art was left with only one voice, one mood, one imbued love, laid out on a collection of 24 black and white artworks full of sincere emotions that artist Do Tuan Anh portrayed during harsh years of the epidemic.”

(Excerpted from the article introducing artist Do Tuan Anh).

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