Liederabend: Leise Leise…

Liederabend: Leise Leise…

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Fri 20 May 2022, 08 pm
Viện Goethe
56-58-60 Nguyễn Thái Học, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
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From Goethe Institut:

Lied (plural Lieder) is a German word that literally means “song”; however the term is mainly used in classical music to refer to a song or an art song. Lieds are usually composed for one voice with piano accompaniment, but sometimes they are also used to refer to vocal skits written for choirs or even chorus with a chamber ensemble of more than two instruments. Many composers often assemble several Lieder into a Liederkreis (medley) – a group of songs connected by a particular narrative or theme.

In Germany, the prime time of Lied was in the nineteenth century. German and Austrian composers had written music for voice with keyboard before this time, but it was with the flowering of German literature in the Classical and Romantic eras that composers found inspiration in poetry that sparked the genre known as the Lied.

The beginnings of this tradition are seen in the songs of Mozart and Beethoven, but it was with Schubert that a new balance was found between words and music, a new expression of the sense of the words in and through the music. This tradition was continued by Schumann, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Hugo Wolf, and later by R. Strauss, Mahler in the twentieth century.

Liederabend: “Leise, leise…” is a concert presenting a selection of outstanding Lieder in the massive treasure of the German Lied tradition, many of which have never been performed in Vietnam. We also extend the definition of “Lied” in the general sense to further introduce a number of interesting Lieder in German, Austrian, Hungarian plays, operas or operettas, which are actually arias or duets of the protagonists.

About Operaphilia

Founded in October 2020, Operaphilia gathers young artists and students from music schools around the country. Our aim is to spread our passion for opera to Vietnamese audiences through themed concerts and mini-talk shows.


1 . Romanze der Axa: Der Vollmond Strahlt auf Bergeshöh’n
Musik zu Chezy’s Schauspiele Rosamunde, Fürstin von Zypern, D. 797, No.3b
2 . Ständchen, D. 920 (für Alt-solo und Männerchor) – Vietnam premiere
Myrthen , Op.25
3 . Widmung, No.1
Dichterliebe, Op.48
4. Im wunderschönen Monat Mai, No.1
5. Ich will meine Seele tauchen, No.5
6. Ich grolle nicht, No.7
7. Andres Maienlied ‘Hexenlied’, Op.8, No.8
8. Lied mit Chor: Bunte Schlangen, zweigezüngt
Musik zu Shakespeares Komödie: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Op.61, No.3
Johannes BRAHMS
9 . Sonntag, Op.47, No.3
10. Von ewiger Liebe, Op.43, No.1
11. Der Gang zum Liebchen, Op.48, No.1
12. Vergebliches Ständchen, Op.84, No.4
13. Mein Mädel hat einen Rosenmund, WoO. 33, No.25
14. Sapphische Ode, Op.94, No.4
15. Ständchen, Op.17, No.2
16. Morgen!, Op.27, No.4
17. Zueigung, Op.10, No.1
Erick wolfgang KORNGOLD
Opera Die tote Stadt, Op. 12
18. Tanzlied des Pierrot: Mein Sehnen, mein Wähnen
Emmerich KÁLMÁN
Operetta Die Csárdásfürstin
19. Lied der Sylvia mit Chor: Heia, heia! In den Bergen

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