Signifiant Dream

Signifiant Dream

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20 & 21 May 2022, 08:30 pm
Rooftop Manzi Exhibition Space
2 ngõ Hàng Bún, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
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From Manzi:

“With the world being stretched, spread in connection, we’re in a tendency of being taken far from home”
Signifiant Dream
A site-specific staging by XplusX Studio at manzi’s rooftop space (and elsewhere around)

Duration: 80 min
Language: Vietnamese only
Admission fee: 200,000 vnđ (including one drink)
Please note that this event is not suitable for audiences under the age of 16.

Signifiant Dream is the first part of XplusX studio’s trilogy of stage performances focusing on contemplations of ‘DISTANCE’ (entitled Signifiant Dream – Common Dialogues – Conversations or Reunion)

Part one – Signifiant Dream offers an allusion to Distance in Time – which is positioned in non-linear contexts, particularly a kind of an unconscious flashback dream. Featuring three unidentified male characters, one of them – the protagonist, seemingly is searching for something unclear, Signifiant Dream adopts the monologue style, revoking sort of hallucination of patriarchal recollections and /or a search aiming to capture the not-yet-perceived memories at the last minutes of one’s life.

Just like the world in a dream is always fragmented and disorderly restructured, in Signifiant Dream, any clear awareness about the time circuit is no way to be found, also the perception of space becomes unstable and suspicious. Free from the control of conventional logic and the fixed space-time frame of reference, viewers will have a totally new experience – the overlapping state of ‘time fragments’

Based on the idea that a film presentation is just another form of unreal theatrical representation, Signifiant Dream develops a script emulating a screenplay, and by that way, experiments with the storytelling techniques of film & moving image which will be incorporated with theatre stage elements and site-specific installation. Exploring the main character’s journey – his dream, however erratic, ambiguous and even iterative that dream can be, shall we find out an allegory for our own reality?

*This event is under the patronage of the Goethe Institut, belonging to Open Practice series – manzi’s new art programme especially adapted for the rooftop space

Writer/ Director : Hà Nguyên Long
Sound designer/musician: Nguyễn Quốc Hoàng Anh
Cast : Hồng MA – Trần Quang Huy – Bùi Kiên Trung
Lightning: Bùi Kiên Trung

Communications partners: Hanoi Grapevine

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