20th Century Music Concert Series No. 9

20th Century Music Concert Series No. 9

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24 June 2022, 08 pm
Goethe Institut
56-58-60 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

From Goethe Institut:

“Vers la flamme”, the 9th concert of the 20th Century Music Concert Series will continue to bring you many new features of the music of the modern – contemporary period. The theme of the concert is named after the composition of the same name “Vers la flamme” (Towards the flame) by Russian composer Alexander Scriabin.

In the early 20th century, also the last years of Scriabin, he had a belief that the earth would soon be destroyed and burned by humans as well as natural forces. He wrote “Vers la flamme”, one of his last compositions with an extreme dark atmosphere, foreseen a horrifying future of humanity. And perhaps he was partly right when humanity had to go through a terrible century with wars, epidemics, conflicts and disputes between nations, leaving countless heavy consequences for society. However, at the bottom of darkness, humanity always finds new directions, new creations. That is also the message of the 9th concert program “Vers la flamme” with many pieces directly inspired by the wars of the 20th century, as well as new musical languages after going through a tumultuous century.

The concert will have the participation of: Luu Duc Anh (Piano), Duong Hong Thach (Piano), Nguyen Duc Thuan (Piano), Nguyen Pham Minh Hoang (Piano), Nguyen Dang Quan (Violin), Pham Quoc Dinh (Violin), Svetlana Golubovskaya (Viola), Luu Ly Ly (Cello), Kyle Acuncius (Percussion)

Ticket Price: 250.000 VND | Combo 3 tickets: 600.000 VND
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