Exhibition “In All Shapes and Forms”

Exhibition “In All Shapes and Forms”

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25 June – 04 July 2022
Lim restaurant
96 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An

From the organizer:

The exhibition “In all shapes and forms” is a result of a week-long silk painting workshop, from June 20 to 26, by participants: Pham Kieu Phuc, Vu Khanh Tung, Tran Nhat Le, Mai Le, Loan Phuong Quyt, Van Le, Nguyen Thu Hang, Nguyen Thi Nam Lien, Nguyen Huu Ngoc Tran, Trung Phan, Huyen Vy with the guidance of artist Le Thuy. The exhibition also has the participation of artists: Pham Minh Duc, Anh Khoa, Nguyen Nhu Duc (Duc Bet), Han Giang Ngo Duc Chi, Bui Tien.

After the devastation of the pandemic, with so much pain and loss, people want to return to normal. A recovery, but recovery in what way? In the new normal of the post-COVID era, what have we learned from the trauma and loss. A normality embracing the revival of nature, of human connection, of healing. What do we want from such a recovery? Returning to the old normal to continue our exploitation and destruction that will only lead to a new pandemic that is even more terrible. Or a new normal of love and empathy; of protection and conservation; of genuine human connection, of reverence for nature, art and culture. A new normal where humanity respect each other, cherish beauty, and honor culture. This exhibition is about the connection between art and tradition, with new art on traditional materials, in an old house that has been restored with modern techniques.”

Revival is always colorful. The exhibition “In all shapes and forms” carries a message: each participant practice their art and silk in many ways and each expression with unique nuance, will share their individuality and feelings, tell their own story. The new normal needs participation in all shapes and forms.

About artists Lê Thúy

Born in 1988, graduated from Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2013, she is currently living and working in Hoi An.

“Thuy has developed her personal narrative using her painting as philosophical life witness. She paints on silk, inspired by traditional Vietnamese folk narratives. Common animals like dogs, deer,birds, fish and insects populate her paintings. However, the animal imagery of Le Thuy’s painting are personifications for struggles faced and often they are characterized either as victims or as destructive elements. Embedded in thuy’s intentionally beautiful compositions are elements of disturbance, decay and death. Thuy has been successful in manipulating the Vietnamese classical medium of silk painting to house a contemporary monologue on the contradiction of beauty and, or in, death…” In an essay by Seah Tzi- Yan, Young Talent Program Curator 2016/2017

Le Thuy has reached the final round of The Soveign Asian Art Prize 2022, Hong Kong (2022), Arte Laguna Art Pzize 2021, Arsenale of Venice ( 2021), Young Talent Program Winner, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore (2016). Solo exhibition “The shrill silence” Vin Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City (2020), Exhibition “Nobody” ION Art Gallery, Singapore (2017). Her work is also printed in the book “Viet Nam Eye, Contemporary Vietnamese Art”, Skira Publishing (2017).

About the exhibition space Lim restaurant

Lim restaurant was built based on the dream of the owners Tommy Eggen and Mari Hoerstad from Norway. It is a cultural dream to find contemporary works of art that can connect with Vietnamese traditions and culture, the minds of the ancestors. The restaurant space is a traditional old house in Hoi An in the early twentieth century, now the space is kept intact and is used to display contemporary art works. Currently, the first floor of the house is displaying works of Ha Manh Thang, Le Thuy, etc. The restaurant currently serves a menu of fine Western dishes.

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