Finest Producer: Đinh Thảo Linh

Finest Producer: Đinh Thảo Linh

Đinh Thảo Linh

Year of birth: 1993

Field: Contemporary art

About the curator: Đinh Thảo Linh is a Vietnam-based multi/interdisciplinary artist who strives to create spaces of expression – whether physical, temporal, or psychological – where people from different communities are brought together. She attended VEPR Autumn School in 2019, and before that, obtained a bachelor’s in Economics at the Foreign Trade University of Vietnam. She has been working within the art sector since 2018. Her work addresses social issues such as gender equality, indigenous culture, and heritage. She is interested in collaborative artistic process orientation, community-based art practice, and conversational art practice. She founded Ba-Bau AIR – an independent artist-in-residence, studio and kitchen in Hanoi – in 2019 to support, connect and incubate the conversation and collaboration within and beyond the contemporary art scene.

Remarkable activities/projects in 2020 – 2022: In addition to her work at Ba-Bau AIR, from 2020 to 2022, Đinh Thảo Linh was the producer of projects Đàn Đó, Future of Tradition, and the exhibitions “30 is yet the End” and “Documenta15”. She also served as the curator for “Khi MỜ khi tỏ” and participated in “Antigone” as a visual artist.

Flexible Hair Salon
Washing Room – Khi MỜ Khi Tỏ
Future of Tradition – Giễu Tỷ Can
ANTI-GONE – Hà Thúy Hằng’s version

HANOI GRAPEVINE’s FINEST is an annual event that honors contemporary art projects in Vietnam. The event is organized and nominated by Hanoi Grapevine and the general audience.

The event aims to honor individuals, organizations, creative art projects & activities as well as artists who are 35 or younger who have made impacts on the community in order to encourage the development of local creative arts, to promote greater communication and to further spread the influence of art and culture in the community.

This year, HANOI GRAPEVINE’s FINEST especially obtains a unique mission called The Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest Pandemic to reflect and celebrate art activities that were held during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2021).

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