Art as culture – Creating, sharing and exchanging in an uneven world

Art as culture – Creating, sharing and exchanging in an uneven world

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Sunday 17 July 2022, 04 pm – 05:30 pm
Matca Space for Photography
48 Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Arts exchange is a crucial aspect of interaction between societies and nations. In a world fraught with inequalities, uneven infrastructures of support – both financially and politically – how to enable conversations, collaborations and assemblies for artists and audiences? What are the various modes and instruments for the continued, uninterrupted mobility of art, artists, ideas etc? Is arts practice shaped by these mechanisms of art funding and vice versa? Akshay Pathak, in his talk, would like to elaborate upon these in reference to his work as the head of the regional liaison office of Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and his past years of experience both as an arts administrator and an arts practitioner.

About the speaker

Akshay Pathak is the Head of Pro Helvetia New Delhi, the liaison office of Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in South Asia. Pathak has worked for the past two decades in several arts and culture spaces, in India and internationally. He has extensive experience in book publishing and performing arts. He has written for several local and international publications, on issues of politics and culture. His writings and translations— in English, Hindi, and German—have also been published and anthologized in several books. He is also interested in image making and the scope of it in rigid social structures.

About Pro Helvetia New Delhi

Pro Helvetia New Delhi is the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council. Based in New Delhi, it promotes artistic and cultural exchange between Switzerland and South Asia. To raise awareness of Swiss culture in the region, it forges ties with local art practitioners and event organizers to develop and nurture long-term partnerships, initiate co-productions with artists from the regions concerned and organizes residencies. Its mandate is to promote contemporary art across disciplines like visual arts, music, sound art, dance, theatre, literature and inter-disciplinary arts.

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