Announcing the Winners of the Circular Living Design Challenge

Announcing the Winners of the Circular Living Design Challenge

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After 2 design stages of ideation and prototyping, many applications, and a 2-day make-a-thon, the winning projects of the Circular Living Design Challenge have been shortlisted.

The selected project ideas explore the design themes by drawing connections between the heritage of Ha Noi and possible pathways to create new narratives around them to design the Creative City of Ha Noi.

The jury for selection was made up of Tomas Diez, Kate Armstrong, Minh Man Nguyen, Mai Nguyen, Luciano Betoldi, Kalaya Kovidvisith, Guillem Comprodon, Jessica Guy, Tom Trandt and Hyebin Goo.

Circular Living Design Award

3 winners have been selected for the Circular Living Design Awards, recognizing the most sustainable, creative, and scalable design projects across Hanoi and Vietnam.

The winners will be awarded up to $500 in funding to further develop their projects with coaching over a period of 3 months in dedicated Creative Hub facilities under the guidance of local and global experts. Projects will be part of a publication/s. Winners will have a chance to showcase their work at the Bali Fab Fest, and Hanoi Design Week* in November.


A project by Nguyễn Công Duy Anh, Lê Ngọc Linh and Vũ Thị Thảo, Mì Tôm Xanh recycles noodle wraps into multi-functional products. They renew the traditional method of bamboo and rattan threading by utilizing a new material, plastic noodle wraps. Mì Tôm Xanh embraces the past as a stepping stone for future innovations.

Mì Tôm Xanh

The Sounds of Recycled Wood is a project by Nguyễn Thị Hảo. It uses recycled wood and upscales it into desirable objects by making toys, gift craft kits with audio players with a storytelling nature.

The Sounds of Recycled Wood

Coloring Air Quality a project by Nguyễn Trần Nam Phương is for seeing mother nature’s health by combining the visible and invisible

Coloring Air Quality

Promising Ideas Award

3 winners have been selected for the Promising Ideas Award, recognising their innovative approach and high potential for future development.

Winners may be awarded opportunities to showcase their work during the Hanoi Design Week* and projects will be part of a publication.

A project by Lê Vũ Cường, Hoàng Thị Minh Ngọc, Vũ Ngọc Phương Anh, the Moss Air Purifier aims to reduce carbon emissions and purify the indoor air for living in Hanoi the natural way.

Moss Air Purifier

This project by Huỳnh Ngọc Thái Anh is a solution to research how to apply augmented reality technology to display the full 3D model and multimedia content of each cultural site on it’s postcard. The goal is to add value to new postcards and reuse old postcards to increase it’s life cycle.

Hanoi Cultural Heritage Postcards using AR application

Hanoi Connect is a project by Nguyễn Khắc Tới, Nguyễn Trung Kiên and Nguyễn Ngọc Linh. It uses technology to create a competition based on culture and art, to help Hanoi connect with tourists.

Hanoi Connect

Thank you to all the applicants and Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to seeing the projects continue being developed! Thank you to all the judges for their time and efforts.


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