”Science is for All” Campaign (SIFA Movement)

”Science is for All” Campaign (SIFA Movement)


From Goethe Institut:

In Vietnam, Science Film Festival has been implemented since 2010. In 2022, it emphasizes the theme “Equal Opportunities in Science”. It is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity in STEM education and ensuring equal opportunities of learning and working in the related fields are open to all and for the benefits of everyone in the society.

In response to the theme of the Science Film Festival this year, the Goethe-Institut and the 2030 Youth Force Vietnam Network cooperate to launch the Science is for all (SIFA Movement) campaign with three main tasks:

– Motivating Vietnamese youth to participate and contribute to the mission of discovering and spreading the passion for science to the whole society.
– Creating an enabling environment for young people across Vietnam, especially disadvantaged groups, to access and experience quality STEM education activities.
– Mobilizing the participation of the people to jointly develop and promote solutions towards Diversity & Inclusion in the STEM field.

In order to accomplish the above tasks, the Goethe-Institut and the 2030 Youth Force Vietnam call for the participation and contribution of young people in particular and the whole society in general in the three main activities of SIFA Movement, which are deployed from October to December this year.

Science Film Review Writing Contest: Science Journal Writing Ambassador
10 Oct – 20 Nov 2022

Science Journal Writing Ambassador is an online writing contest on Facebook for individuals aged from 17. Participants will write a scientific journal to share their views on the topic of any of their favorite science film(s) in the list of the Science Film Festival 2022. The entries will then be posted on the fanpage of 2030 Youth Force Vietnam and the event page to attract a great deal of public interest in the film and the scientific knowledge conveyed through the film(s).

The contest is a great opportunity for young people as well as interested public to: Discover good international documentaries on environmental topics under three themes: Biodiversity, Green Energy and Waste Management; Freely apply knowledge and creativity to prepare science journals on the topic of the film(s) as well as related issues in society; Contribute to spreading knowledge, passion and opportunities to access science knowledge to everyone. Within the framework of the contest, a series of training courses on Science Film Review Writing Skills with experienced writers will also be organized to help participants learn and best prepare for their writing.

– Content requirements: Entries should express an author’s thoughts on the topic of the film(s), at the same time relate it to the context of Vietnam and communicate a clear message to the public.

– Format requirements: A Vietnamese journal with 500 to 1000 words length and an English summary with max. 100 words.

Science Film Screening Week
12 – 18 Dec 2022

Science Film Screening Week includes 03 film screening sessions on 03 evenings at the Goethe-Institut Hanoi on the 03 themes: Biodiversity, Green Energy and Waste Management. Using films as a bridge, the series of events opens up an inclusive space for Vietnamese young people, especially disadvantaged groups, to experience the synthesis of culture, art and science.

Joining the science film screening week, participants will have an opportunity to enjoy unique documentaries on environmental topics from reputable film producers from many countries and regions. In addition to the film screening, there will also be an open discussion among public, experts and ambassadors of the contest on topics covered by the screened documentary.

More information about the science film screening week and how to register for it will be soon published on website and Facebook page of the Goethe-Institut Hanoi and 2030 Youth Force Vietnam.

A Seminar on Equal Opportunities in Science
19 – 25 Dec 2022

In the last week of this year, the Goethe-Institut and 2030 Youth Force Vietnam will especially welcome all science lovers, interested in sustainable development issues, to the seminar on Equal Opportunities in Science.

It is an opportunity for everyone to look back on SIFA Movement’s journey to promote inclusion in Science this year. Besides, with the desire to develop and promote the solutions towards diversity and inclusion in the STEM field, the seminar also offers interesting activities to help people get more useful science knowledge integrated in the topics of concern about environment and education. In addition, participants can join a discussion session to jointly brainstorm and share the ideas on how to promote equal opportunities in science and spread the love of science to everyone.

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