Piece, You, I

Piece, You, I

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05 Nov – 04 Dec 2022, 10 am – 08 pm
20 Hai Bà Trưng, Hoàn Kiếm

From the organizer:

TACH would be honored to present “Piece, I, You” – a solo exhibition by artist Luong Van Viet, curated by Do Tuong Linh, at Nga Art Space this November.

“Piece, I, You” was born from the artist’s concerns through his day-by-day observations. As the artist once confided, “A piece is a disjoint part. You and I, each of us is a piece of family, time, friend or money, but we are also most importantly each a piece of our inner selves, wherein lies our spirituality.”

The works of “Piece, Me, You” re-contextualize the space in which they are placed. They invaded the space and rearranged their order. They question the viewer’s existence and the role of architecture in the exhibition as a whole. Above all, time appears to play a significant role; not only for the changing of light setting on all works from different angles but also because the viewers are required their patience and time for an immersive experience. This may just be tranquility, what we need to locate the pieces inside our very own selves.

“Piece, Me, You” invites you to creep into the space and experience it to the fullest with every sense at different times” – quoted from Do Tuong Linh’s curatorial text for the exhibition.

About the artist:

Luong Van Viet (b. 1977) graduated from the Hanoi University of Fine Arts with a specialisation in sculpting. He belongs to a generation of young sculptors who are always eager to push boundaries and discover new expressional materials, with his own favourites being metals such as iron or copper.

In his works, Luong Van Viet focuses on the so-called phenomenon of “spatialism” that is to say, how one might convey the messages through configurations that shapes form together, as well as their relationships to one another, rather than via the individual geometry of each distinct shape. One might even say – perhaps at the risk of some mild pretention on one’s own part – that his work is manifold. Hidden inside the solid metal blocks are layers of meaning, values of human existence, the reasons for life, the right to life, etc. Luong Van Viet participates in many solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam as well as abroad. “Piece, Me, You” is his 9th solo exhibition after a long hiatus.

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