Art exhibition: Portraits

Art exhibition: Portraits

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Tues – Sun 14 Mar – 09 Apr 2023, 09 am – 08 pm
Mơ Art Space
No. 136 Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

Mơ Art Space cordially invites Hanoi art lovers to visit Portraits – the solo exhibition by artist Nguyen Thanh. The project features his work over the past two years, which are mostly portraits of different sizes, colors and expressions. Nguyen Thanh’s art is reminiscent of Gesturalism – an aesthetic style initiated by Willem De Kooning and praised by Georg Baselitz as an absolute freedom in artistic expression. Although Thanh’s paintings do not reflect specific faces, they are abstract representations of a human’s spiritual mind that is open to interpretation, like a puzzle one can always see anew every time taking a closer look.

Nguyễn Thành (b. 1979) pursued his intermediate degree in Lacquer painting from the University of Arts and Designs (2002). He is currently a member of the Young Artist Club (a part of the Vietnam Fine Art Association) and also a member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association. Nguyễn Thành has participated in various group exhibitions in Vietnam such as the Young Artist exhibition (2002), the National Contemporary Art exhibition (2003), the ‘Asian Art Awards’ exhibition (2004), the ‘New Generation’ exhibition (2008), the group exhibition at Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies VICAS (2018), a friendship exhibition between Vietnam and Korea (2018) and the group exhibition ‘Hon Xieu Phach Lac’ at VICAS (2019). His solo exhibitions include ‘The Mask’ at VICAS (2018), ‘The Tribe’ at Fergie Club (2022) and ‘Portraits’ at Mo Art Space (2023).

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