Exhibition: Yin & Yang in contemporary sculpture

Exhibition: Yin & Yang in contemporary sculpture

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Exhibition: 30 Mar – 20 Apr 2023
Seminar: Sat 08 Apr 2023, 02:30 pm
The Muse Artspace
47 Tràng Tiền, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

The exhibiton and art talk will be organized by The Muse Artspace
Art curator Tran Thu Huyen
With the appearance of six artists:
Le Anh Vu
Nguyen Ngoc Lam
Nguyen Duy Manh
Pham Bao Son
Tran Van An
Tran Trong Tri

When speaking of Yin & Yang, each will have their interpretation of the concept, despite it being accustomed to all.

This idea can be seen in contemporary sculptures, specifically ones that follow abstract expressionism, subtly infused with profound notions and emotions. It’s an art that speaks for itself while representing people’s sentiments in modern times.

The artist’s notions and emotions are expressed through the language of brushstroke, form, color, light, space, material, texture, and, in a more sophisticated manner, the artist’s method of synergizing these elements – the embodiment of Yin and Yang, in which perpetually offset, reciprocate, and recur to achieve equilibrium. The equilibrium is a sense of balance in visual arts or is essentially seen as a necessary condition for all things to exist, to become harmonious, and for humans to obtain a state of eternal bliss.

Each artist we selected has a distinguished fashion of experimenting with shapes, materials and conveying ideas. In each artwork, there are various manifestations of Yin & Yang that artists intentionally and inadvertently planned. Some artists prefer the polarity between elements that highlight the subtle beauty, while some are more conceptual and gravitate toward utilizing the opposing nature of shapes and materials to ponder the limits. The Yin & Yang can be seen through the structure, the static and dynamic state of the artworks, or through senses of the past and present that are hidden within the endless continuing cycle.

The exhibition places Vietnamese abstract sculptures in oriental esthetics with the intent of maintaining an intimate atmosphere for viewers to approach and explore artworks. Each piece in the exhibition not only harbors thought-provoking aspects regarding Yin & Yang, but they also breathe life into the show by interacting with the surrounding space.

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