”EVA (Exposed Virtual Anonymity)” Exhibition

”EVA (Exposed Virtual Anonymity)” Exhibition

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11 – 15 May 2023, 09 am – 10 pm
Sun Life Flagship
244 Pasteur, District 3, HCMC

From the organizer:

In today’s world, our digital and physical lives are intertwined. It leaves us constantly exploring our virtual identities and how they relate to our physical selves. This has given rise to concerns about privacy and safety in the virtual world, where anonymity can be both liberating and risky.

EVA – Exposed Virtual Anonymity is an immersive digital art exhibition directed by Gydient (Trà Giang) & bluefintuna (Tuan Le), which traces back to the root of the virtual world and seeks to explore this very notion through the lens of 10 emerging Vietnamese artists. By showcasing their unique perspectives of self-presentation and privacy concerns in the digital age, EVA invites the audiences to engage with the concept of virtual identity and reflect on the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

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