Display: Self-Reflection

Display: Self-Reflection

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Opening: Sat 01 Apr 2023, 06 pm
Display: 02 – 07 Apr 2023, 07:30 am – 09 am
Fu Hoo Cafe
104 Lạc Chính, Trúc Bạch, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

The display ‘Phản tư’/’Self-Reflection’ gathers 10 visual artworks by 10 creators with diverse, free, and even spontaneous mediums. Each work is a self-portrait expressed in the language of art.

The creators of the show met each other in the workshop “Visual Arts Appreciation – Audience-Centered” by CA’ Library in cooperation with Hương Mi Lê. In this workshop, questions such as “What is art?”, “Why make art?”/What is art for?”, “Who is the artist”… were raised for discussion so, from there, each person can find meaningful answers for themselves – whether they are in the position of receiving or creating a work of art. Through that process, the workshop members found a common answer to the natural urge to both enjoy and make art: self-discovery and self-expression. Thus, the display ‘Phản tư’/’Self-Reflection’ was born as a way to answer the fundamental questions surrounding art. Each person has a way of understanding themselves, a story, a way of telling.

In addition to the display – the program also includes a night of screening short films and video artworks combined with an artist(s) talk on the closing evening of April 7.

The display is organized by CA’ Library in collaboration with Fu Hoo Cafe, curated by Hương Mi Lê.

Hương Mi Lê is an educator, translator, and writer with a focus on visual arts and communication design. She cooperates with cultural institutes, art centers, and press and book publishers. She is the master of the workshop “Visual Arts Appreciation – Audience-Centered” at CA’ Library.

Thư viện CA’ is a community library that offers readers more than 4000 books and magazines on architecture, art, and design. CA’ also organizes and hosts talks, workshops, classes, portfolio reviews, film screenings, and more with the participation of leading experts in the creative industries.

Fu Hoo Cafe is an urban community hub project that uses space, coffee, and food as tools for communication. At Fu Hoo Cafe, every month, there are art exhibitions, workshops, talks, etc., by artists and other creators from all over the world.

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