Exhibition “Plastics: Pollution and Solutions”

Exhibition “Plastics: Pollution and Solutions”

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09 am – 06 pm, 18 July – 17 Sep 2023
Floor 3, Lam Dong Provincial Children’s Activity Center
10 Lý Tự Trọng, W.2, Đà Lạt

From the organizer:

(Dalat – 18 Jul 2023) Institut Francais in Vietnam and the Phố Bên Đồi Creative Studio in collaboration with the French Development Research Institute, are pleased to present the exhibition “Plastics: Pollution and Solutions”, scheduled to take place in July – September 2023.

The exhibition includes 21 panels of bilingual French – Vietnamese documents, making the journey from Hanoi to Hue and then Da Lat, to interpret the life of plastic from production to consumption in daily life until it is released into the soil and water environment.
The documentary exhibition “Plastics: pollution and solutions” will tell us about the life of plastic from the place of production to the place of consumption in daily life, until it is dispersed in soil and water environments. Although addressing the situation in Vietnam but not limited to a certain country or territory, the exhibition will help viewers understand and feel the local and global challenges related to plastics, a popular material, but its environmental consequences are becoming increasingly worrisome.

To face the plastic waste crisis, Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has developed an expanded producer responsibility (EPR) regulation to regulate the “wildlife of plastic”, minimize waste and optimize the garbage collection and disposal chain. Through photo materials and charts with commentary produced by the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), the exhibition is a true wake-up call that reminds us that we all have a share of responsibility and the ability to make out solutions.

About Phố Bên Đồi

Phố Bên Đồi is a multidisciplinary hub in Vietnam focused on pursuing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Founded in 2016, the platform connects resources in the community through contemporary art forms, technology, community, and tourism activities. Phố Bên Đồi encourages the public to raise awareness about urban conservation, environmental protection, and sustainable development.

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