Exhibition “Stratum Zero”

Exhibition “Stratum Zero”

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09 am – 07 pm, Tues – Sun, 12 Sep – 03 Dec 2023
The Outpost Art Organisation
Roman Plaza Tower B1 (Floor 2), To Huu, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Stratum Zero displays a wide range of works by Vietnamese artists in The Outpost Collection. The exhibition attends to the analysis of the aesthetic context and construction of the contemporary Vietnamese spirit and artistic landscape evoked from the works. That analysis and construction is expressed through the practice of processing and restructuring the material language, through marking the enduring flow of Asian folklore and philosophy, as well as hidden, peripheral historical perspectives.

Borrowing the meaning of “stratum” in Geology to create spatial visualisation in temporal sediments, Stratum Zero serves as a mark for the starting point, from which it can spread to other stratum to capture an overall structure. The use of Stratum Zero as the title of this exhibition also retains those meanings, as we (The Outpost) locate ourselves within the local art scene, starting with the desire to explore and unearth what is by all means available, yet still remain obscure.

In Stratum Zero, works by 12 artists: Điềm Phùng Thị, Võ An Khánh, Nguyễn Huy An, Hoàng Dương Cầm, Lý Trần Quỳnh Giang, Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai, Phạm Việt Nam, Phan Thảo Nguyên, Phi Phi Oanh, Hà Mạnh Thắng, Trần Tuấn, Trương Công Tùng are to undergo multidimensional perceptions, as in an attempt to disclose a multi-layered cross-section of the flows of Vietnamese arts.

[1] In Stratigraphy, stratum is the layers of rock or sediment stacked on top of each other that form the Earth’s crust. When a seismic event occurs, the strata deform: fold, fracture, collapse, compress, and accretion, creating a new appearance of the stratigraphic cross-section.

[2] The number 0 exhibits something of a dual nature: a real number but at the same time carries the meaning of nothingness, emptiness, and the void. But the existence of the number 0 serves as the identity element that defines the true value of the others.

The exhibition is produced by The Outpost’s Curatorial Team.

The Outpost would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all the artists featured in this exhibition, and to all individuals and organisations involved in the process of realising Stratum Zero.

This exhibition would not have been possible without the contribution from: Identity design: Studio DUY; Exhibition production team: Dương Dương, Leminh, Mai Minh Design & Construction, Trần Tùng, Lê Đình Chung, Hải Phú, Đỗ Văn Hoàng, Tạ Lê Duy Anh and support from Adhoc Housing Architecture (Nguyễn Minh Hiệp, Nguyễn Đức Mạnh, Trần Tuấn Dương, Nguyễn Thị Thơm); Technical partners: Museum Technik, Hexogon Vietnam, Unios; Translation support: Nguyễn Thanh Đan, Nguyễn Thanh Tâm, Nguyễn Thị Minh Ngọc; and the unwavering support from Founder CEO Ariel Phạm and the entire team at The Outpost.

Entrance tickets: available at The Outpost’s reception desk (024.2226.6888)
Ticket price: 90.000VNĐ (standard), 60k (student & high schooler), 30.000VNĐ (primary & middle schooler), free (elderly over 65 and children under 6)
Content warning: This exhibition contains certain images that might be considered disturbing for some. All contributors under the age of 16 participated with consent and support from their parent(s) or guardian(s).

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