Showcase “In the Middle of Chaos”

Showcase “In the Middle of Chaos”

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29 – 30 Sep 2023
Eclips Studio
No. 1 Alley 196 Nguyễn Sơn Str., Bồ Đề, Long Biên, Hà Nội
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From the organizer:

Are you ready to listen to the landscape differently?

We, invite you to slow down and focus simply by listening. “In the Middle of Chaos” is an audio-narrated walkabout that takes you on a journey through time and landscape.

People always live in a world full of conjecture, mystery and uncertainty. “In the Middle of Chaos” creates a space as a platform for art and examines the great potential of art as a means of social development, communication and connection with the world. The audience is invited to become ‘companions’ on an immersive journey guided by the artists.

Artists use sound to express feelings about a mood or space rather than simply describing it. Instead of trying to copy what their ears hear through electronic devices, they want to use sound more flexibly to vividly express themselves. That vision helped them unleash sound as an emotional tool; vitality appears in the feeling of the slightest sound. They choose to listen deeply into their inner self to discover a form of “self-expression”; something that provides a strong personal voice in a world that they always consider to be full of uncertainty and change every day.

The works create a feeling that makes the border between composition and improvisation become blurred. Raw emotions and their expression form a connecting thread, enabled by the dynamism of experimental music and creative intuition on traditional instruments. Music/sound is completely free, responding to the social context in which it is created, pushing the boundaries of improvisation and questioning who it is for and how it was created.

Area of interest: Creativity, Sound Art, Heritage, Electronic Music, Environment, Experimental, Installation, Interdisciplinary, Multimedia, Performance, , Research, Practice, Experimentation

“In the Middle of Chaos” showcase schedule

Fri 29 Sep 2023

09 am – 07 pm, WASP NEST IN A FOOF
Sholto Dobie
Category: Sound Installation

08 pm – 10 pm, The Echoes of Memoryscape
Composition: Trung Bảo
Visual Production Partner: Fustic
Category: Audio Visual Installation

Sat 30 Sep 2023

Composition: Hoài Anh
Category: Composed for electroacoustic music
Backing track & Vietnamese Zither: Hoài Anh
Movement Artist: Annie Thảo Phan
For these last two moons we endeavour to sing louder than our neighbours
Composition: Inge Thomson
Category: Composed for electroacoustic music

Trên Đường
Composition: Lương Minh
Category: Composed for electroacoustic music
Duration: 12 mins
Performing Artists
Trumpet: Lương Minh
Vietnamese Zither: Hoài Anh
Sound Visual & Loop: Trung Bảo
Bamboo flute & Khene instrument: Ly Mí Cường

Composition: Ly Mí Cường
Category: Composed for electroacoustic music and performance
Duration: 15 mins
Performing Artists
Ly Mí Cường
Sùng Mí Say
Hoàng Văn Thành
Sùng Mí Nô
Vàng Thị Dế

About artists

Trần Hoài Anh

Hoai Anh came to music from a young age in a family rich in artistic and cultural traditions. She has been trained through professional music schools at home and abroad: ethnic music, with painting, gourd, and t’rung instruments at Hanoi College of Culture and Arts; classical music with piano, harp at the National Conservatory of Music in Bordeaux (France), electro acoustic music at the George Bizet Conservatory in Paris (France).Having performed in many European countries (France, Italy, Switzerland…), she always aspires to introduce to international audiences the quintessence and uniqueness of Vietnamese traditional music. Under the dedicated guidance of the famous traditional music and culture researcher, Prof. Dr. Tran Van Khe, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from the Sorbonne, Paris, in 2009, majoring in Cheo ‘singing; After that, he returned home to work at the Voice of Vietnam as a music reporter for 10 years.

Inge Thomson

Inge Thomson grew up on Fair Isle surrounded by salt and sea and fish and birds. She has been making music all her life and has a deep affection for the piano keyed accordion. She loves creating sound and gets really excited at that particular moment when she hears a new sound emerge from her tinkerings and so begins the process of applying it to music, or creating new music informed by it. Much of Inge’s work over the past decade has been collaborative, affording new experiences forming rich musical relationships.

Ly Mí Cường

Ly Mi Cuong is a young Hmong artist from the highlands in Ha Giang Province, Vietnam. He grew up in the indigenous cultural environment of the Hmong community, studied with artisans who played musical instruments such as flute, lip lute, Khen… and practiced folk music daily in his land. He shows his interest in developing Hmong folk art in a contemporary way through contacting and learning from Vietnamese and international artists through art and culture development projects. Currently, he is majoring in traditional musical instruments at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

Nguyễn Bảo Trung (Trung Bảo)

Trung Bao is a Beatboxer and visual artist. He studied Graphic Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art (USA). He reached the Top 4 of the World Beatbox Grand Beatbox Battle 2017 tournament and the Champion of the World Beatbox Camp 2017 solo tournament. Trung has a special interest in Vietnamese cultural heritage materials with materials from graphics and music. folk music. He participated in the afternoon concert with artists Nguyen Le, Ngo Hong Quang… in Vietnam and internationally. A recent project is ‘Voice Gem’, a project by TRUNG BAO in collaboration with British artist Reeps One (Harry Yeff) using data from 100 anonymous voices crafted into unique gems. magic. Gems are created from voices, by collecting and aggregating data of the most extraordinary voices from around the world to use as creative raw materials. 3 special stones #1018, #1019 and #1020 in the project were displayed at the Proof of Art exhibition – the world’s first large-scale NFT exhibition at the OO Kunst museum – Austria and Bronze time on the Cryptovoxels meta-verse digital museum. In particular, the color and structure of this #1018 stone were created directly (generate real-time) from 100 anonymous voices sent online. This is one of the special Voice Stones because it stores information between human connection and the widespread anonymity (anonymity) of the internet. The project continues to be selected in the MISA – NFT Booth exhibition, and will be displayed at the Koenig museum in Berlin.

Sholto Dobie

He was born in Edinburgh and lives in Vilnius. He uses loose structures and a wide range of sound sources including homemade organs and gourds. His performances are personal and intuitive, often seeming delicate and sensual. He has recorded and performed with artists and musicians including Rie Nakajima, Judith Hamann, Lia Mazzari, Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, Mark Harwood, Marja Ahti & Niko Mahti Ahti, Antonina Nowacka, Malvern Brume and Lucia Nimcova. He has released solo music and collaborated with labels like Mappa, All Night Flight, Infant Tree, Takuroku. Penultimate Press and Thanet Tape Center and has toured at Cafe Oto (London), Fylkingen (Stockholm), De Player (Rotterdam), KM28 (Berlin), Kraak Festival (Antwerp), Organ Sound Art Festival (Copenhagen), Jauna Festival Muzika (Vilnius), Upstream Festival (Glasgow) and Glasgow International (Glasgow).

Lương Ngọc Minh

Luong Minh (Luong Ngoc Minh) started studying classical music at the Vietnam National Academy of Music with the subject of Trumpet since 2005. After graduating from the Intermediate School of Music; won a full scholarship to study in Russia for 5 years, Minh have learned more about Jazz, Pop, Ballad…. He completed a bachelor’s program in the field of research at the Faculty of Pedagogical Education, Kursk University, Russia. Luong Minh is among the artists who graduated from the first experimental music course at Dom Dom center and an experimental electronic music course co-organized by Dom Dom and Malmo University in Sweden. He has won a number of awards in competitions held by the city: First prize in the orchestra competition, second prize in the competition “National Chamber Orchestra”, Third Prize in the national cultural festival, Third Prize in Spring Competition…

* Note:
– Each registration is valid for one participant.
– The event’s content will be documented in the form of images and recordings for purposes such as storage, research, and promotion. By participating, the audience agrees to allow Lên Ngàn to use their images and opinions as material. In case of disagreement, the audience is kindly requested to inform Lên Ngàn’s organizers in advance.

Sound & Landscape 2023 cultural and artistic initiative was initiated and organized by Len Ngan, co-organized with Counterflows (UK) under the sponsorship of the British Council, within the framework of the UK/Vietnam Season 2023 program; with support from the Department of Communication and Foreign Culture – Diplomatic Academy, The Fly On Dust Media House, Xplusx Studio, OUR.hanoi; with the companionship of media partners: 84Noise, Co Dong and Dunkare Magazine.

Sound & Landscape 2023 cultural and arts initiative, with the goal of providing potential Vietnamese artists with opportunities to learn, create and develop. Thanh Canh promotes the creation of new works of art, becoming inspired to help us ask questions about the relationship between humans and the living environment. From ecological landscapes, social environments to indigenous heritage, Thanh Canh evokes many reflections on how landscape acts as a backdrop on which ideas and concepts associated with the term ‘ modern’, “traditional”, “contemporary” are continuously expressed. Thanh Canh hopes to bring new perspectives on art, build a long-term connection platform, thereby searching for groundbreaking and interdisciplinary works of art.

Sound & Landscape 2023 will have the participation of 6 artists from Vietnam and Scotland (UK): Hoai Anh, Trung Bao, Ly Mi Cuong, Luong Minh, Sholto Dobie and Inge Thomson. The reason for Sound & Landscape to choose them is that: Their art and identity contain many outstanding points, have a lot of development potential and are different from their peers of the same generation. They can be experimental, multidisciplinary contemporary music artists who want to push the boundaries between genres. The project has 2 phases, taking place in June and September 2023. The series of events includes activities: sound fieldwork, thematic research workshops, audience development programs, workshop opening events sharing ideas for developing works and finally a program to introduce the finished work.

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