-r-e-t-e-l-l-m-e-: Hà Nội | Talk “I & the City”

-r-e-t-e-l-l-m-e-: Hà Nội | Talk “I & the City”

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09 am, Fri 15 Dec 2023
Goethe Institut Hanoi
56-58-60 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi
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From the organizer:

This talk revolves around the story of creating changes in the city through different periods of time on three main themes: urban architecture – aesthetic concepts – daily life. Those changes are reflected through familiar things around us.

For example, why are these trees planned on the street and not others?

Bread brought to Vietnam in the 19th century by the French and has become internationally visible as a Vietnamese dish. It also has a unique definition in Oxford dictionary. Is it process called “decolonization”?

The underground sewer system also carries stories of French colonial history. How have they been in the city so far? …

And many other materials related to the story of postcolonialism, and decolonization will be mentioned at the event.

The talk will create an open space for discussions about the changes in Hanoi city, where more than 8 million people live, as well as the driving forces behind those changes. A past and present Hanoi: where are the connections and differences? With the presence of Nguyen Truong Quy, “a writer of Hanoi”, Ha Yen Chi, doctoral student majoring in Cultural Anthropology at the University of California Riverside (UCR), and Nguyen Vu Hai, a cultural practitioner around the places and memories of Hanoi, it will bring multidimensional perspectives.

Besides, the event will also bring fresh viewpoints of young Vietnamese and European people around the theme “I & the City” through their initiatives on trees in urban areas, standards of beauty, festival transformations as well as creative role-playing games going back to the history.

The talk is open to all the public interested in the topic and specifically provided with English-Vietnamese translation and sign language interpretation.

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