Piano Recital “Banquet on the Keyboard”

[TP.HCM] Piano Recital “Banquet on the Keyboard”

08 pm, Tues 05 Mar 2024
32 Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Võ Thị Sáu ward, D.3, HCMC
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From Hanoi Grapevine

The piano recital of Lee Bokyung, titled “Banquet on the Keyboard” is a fundraiser for the celebration of the 5th year of Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest, the main annual event that honors contemporary art in Vietnam, organized and selected by Hanoi Grapevine and the audience community, along with other events.

The piano recital “Banquet on the Keyboard” promises to bring an unique musical feast with a combination of Western classical style and Vietnamese folk tunes. Audiences will not only be immersed in the great and immortal sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven, four Ballades for solo piano by Frédéric Chopin, but also experience a new “flavor” of familiar Vietnamese folk tunes of North Vietnam through the sound of the piano in the work “Bunches of Flowers of Vietnam”by composer Đặng Hữu Phúc. Based on the pentatonic (five-note) scale, the most common scale in eastern Asia – with many different forms, rhythms, and emotions, Korean pianist Lee Bokyung has performed the latest version of “Bunches of Flowers of Vietnam” successfully many times in Hanoi, the US and received enthusiastic reception from the audience.

Located in relatively distant creative periods and the differences in East and West music, the piano recital “Banquet on the Keyboard” hopes to bring to the listeners the deep, melodious echo of piano solos and recreate the endless creativity of artists on their journey of experimenting with creative styles, expanding the potential of musical instruments from technique, material, rhythm to their outer limits.

Concert program:
L. Van Beethoven (1770~1827)
Piano Sonata no.21 Op.53 “Waldstein” (1803~4)
F. Chopin (1810~1849)
Four Ballades
Đặng Hữu Phúc (1953~)
Bunches of Flowers of Vietnam (2009)

* Ticket: 500.000VNĐ/person

– Formal and polite attire is requested.
– The event is for audiences aged from 8
– Please be present at the venue 25 minutes prior to the announced showtime. Doors will be closed 10 minutes prior to showtime. Latecomers are expected to wait until breaktime.
– For those who have purchased tickets but cannot arrange to attend the concert, please notify us via Hanoi Grapevine Fanpage at least 3 days before the concert to receive refund support. Your ticket will not be refunded if your notice is sent after the above deadline.

Organizers introdution:

Hanoi Grapevine

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Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest

Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest is an annual honoring event, organised and selected by Hanoi Grapevine and the audience community. The event seeks to honor individuals, organizations, projects and activities whose work in the creative arts has had an impact on the community, in order to foster artistic development, promote media coverage and further the influence of arts and culture on the community in a broader and more meaningful manner. In 2024, we will celebrate the 5th year of Hanoi Grapevine’s Finest since its launch.

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