Fading Clouds of Recollection

Fading Clouds of Recollection

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Opening: 06:30 pm, Thurs 11 Apr 2024
Exhibition: 09:30 am – 06 pm, 12 Apr – 19 May 2024
Work Room Four
31 Alley 67 Tô Ngọc Vân, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

From the organizer:

‘Fading Clouds of Recollection’ is a mesmerising collection of contemporary relics created from dissipating fragments of historical recollections. Tracing the identity of the past through treasured memories and objects collected by the artist; treasures, faces, historical remnants, antiques, and anonymous artefacts which are no longer fully intact.

Tuyền assembles these remembrances and objects into new compositions broken and clouded – suspended in time – creating artworks which venerate the ancient through modern conception.

Tuyền revives objects and their memories by creating composite reconstructions of impressions of artefacts from the past. Once the reconstructed object has been created in painstaking detail, Tuyền again destroys it, shattering into pieces only to reassemble and encase it in epoxy resin. A perfect incomplete memory of something that is an imagined version of what once existed. Floating in permanent interruption within the artist’s own reality the valuable effects – these people and places – are within layers of space that appear uncertain, chaotic and complex with an ambiguous illusory quality.

The process is a painstaking journey of careful creation and destruction, leaving behind work that is both complete and yet purposefully unresolved. Tuyền creates a reality and then systematically distorts and destroys it to make a new actuality.

He creates new buried realms of memories still smouldering alive, unable to fade away. Through the slow and laboured process of each artwork creation he connects himself with the past and slows the intensity of the pace of contemporary life. Tuyền feels a deep intangible connection between his mind and the core values of ancient and profound traditional culture these perfect new relics seek to honour this connection and allows us to see them as if through is mind’s eye, shrouded underneath shapeless multicoloured layers of clouds, displayed in beautiful majesty and preserved in incredible imperfect splendour.

About artist:

Born in 1982 in Thái Bình, a North eastern province in the Red River Delta region of northern Vietnam, Lưu Tuyền is currently living and working in Hanoi. He graduated from the Hanoi University of Industrial Arts and is now a member of the Vietnamese Fine Arts Association. Already and exceptionally accomplished and celebrated painter Tuyền discovered epoxy resin in 2013 while working on sculptures, most of Tuyền’s recent work combines painting with resin finishing techniques now. One of Vietnam’s most bold and distinctive contemporary artists, Tuyền continues to push boundaries beyond the ordinary with his unique style and perspective.

Notable exhibitions include: “Perfect heaven” – Six senses space, Hà Nội, Việt Nam – 2023, “Spring Paintings & Sculptures” – Hanoi Studio Gallery, Hanoi – 2019; “Perfect Reality” – Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi – 2018; “Vietnam Spring” – Berlin, Germany – 2018; “Realism+” – Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Museum, HCMC – 2018; “Annual China Kunming International Oil Painting Exhibition” – Yunnan Art Museum, China – 2017; “Today” – Hanoi Creative City, Hanoi – 2016; “Asia Silklink International Art Exhibition (ASIAE)” – Guangzhou, China – 2016.

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