Workshop: Pride Palette | Drag – Workshop on make-up in Queer Hau...

Workshop: Pride Palette | Drag – Workshop on make-up in Queer Hau Dong

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02 pm – 05:30 pm, Sat, 01 Jun 2024
Goethe Institut
56-58-60 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
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From Goethe Institut:

Every human being has a shape, a personality that they aspire to become or are aiming for, sometimes beyond the limits of the shape they were born with. In today’s society, makeup has become a tool to help us express our personality and come closer to each individual’s gender identity.

This May, WeCare Social Enterprise and the Goethe-Institut Hanoi are pleased to present “Pride Palette: Drag – Workshop on make-up in Queer Hau Dong,” This workshop will explore alternative approaches to makeup. Rather than being solely a tool for enhancing beauty, makeup can be utilized as a means for individuals to explore and express their own identity and that of others. The workshop will examine the relationship between the LGBTQI+ community, drag art, and au dong in the context of today’s cultural and artistic landscape.

Subsequently, participants will be guided through the creative makeup process and will have the opportunity to hear from experts in the drag and costume community.

The programme includes the following activities:
– Watch performances and interact with Hau Dong artists and Drag artists.
– Practice makeup under the guidance of Drag Queen and Drag King.
– Makeup will be prepared in advance by the organisers. The organisers encourage participants to bring their own makeup in case you have certain experience with makeup and need specialized items

About this project

With the intention of exploring the artistic aspects of Hau Dong and the contributions of the Queer community, WECARE Social Enterprise, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institute Hanoi, has engaged with artisans and community members from the LGBTQI+ community to develop a series of events that aim to explore the “artistic qualities” embedded in Hau Dong and Queer beauty. It is our intention to disseminate these insights to an audience that is interested in learning more about the artistic aspects of the LGBTQI+ community.

WeCare Social Enterprise is a social enterprise and innovative organisation that is dedicated to promoting the rights, health equity and sustainable development of the LGBTQI+ community. Fiona is currently the head of Dat Diu Drag Haus, a group founded with the intention of creating a unique form of entertainment that differs from traditional art forms. Additionally, the project involves the participation of artisans with experience in Hau Dong practice and an active commitment to improving the health of the LGBTQI+ community in Vietnam.

It should be noted that the project does not make any statements, conclusions, judgments, or disseminate any false information regarding the practice of Mother Goddess Worship.

Follow updates on event’s page.

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