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Since its establishment on 11 October 2007 Hanoi Grapevine has become an important and active promoter of the art scene in Vietnam. We focus mainly on contemporary art and culture, and provide information about art exhibitions, film and music festivals, theatre performances, original music gigs, documentary and film screenings, photography, fashion and literary events as well as charity events and sometimes also networking gatherings. Our calendar can keep you updated with current information on what’s happening in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and across Vietnam.

Our content is bi-lingual (English and Vietnamese), and our readership is a unique combination of both locals and expatriates/foreigners who are interested in art and culture activities in the country.


Although named “Grapevine” the website has nothing to do with grapes or wine. The name comes from an old saying in English – “I heard it through the grapevine” – which indicates that information is received from an informal, usually personal contact.


The Hanoi Grapevine team believe in international cooperation and the trans-border power of art, music and creativity. Thus, we aim to become the best promoter of cultural exchange activities between Vietnam and the rest of the world, while at the same time striving to build a solid foundation for an art market and creative industries in Vietnam.


Hanoi Grapevine’s ongoing mission since its inception has always been to promote arts and culture in Vietnam while supporting artists and musicians and connecting them with their audiences. Beyond this, we also aim to realize the larger and more long-term goal of bringing Vietnamese arts into the wider international context. We hope to achieve this goal by addressing the following questions:

(1) How can we best promote young artists?
(2) How can we best support the arts community?
(3) How can we help to educate audiences and future potential customers, and to encourage collectors?
(4) How can we contribute to the development of an art market in Vietnam?
(5) How can we contribute to the development of creative industries in Vietnam?


Hanoi Grapevine was started as a one man blog on WordPress by Brian Ring. Today we are a team of four:

BrianBrian Ring, founder
Brian is a Canadian video artist who has been living in Vietnam for 15 years and has recently settled down in Frankfurt, Germany. Brian will frequently visit Vietnam, thus, expect his presence in all the important annual anniversaries of Hanoi Grapevine.
MienPham Hoang Mien
Mien was the first person to come on board at Hanoi Grapevine, originally joining in early 2009 as a part-time translator. She now takes charge of the social media activities and event calendar. She is also an occasional opinion contributor on Grapevine and is a recognized freelance blogger and social networker. Read her blog and follow her on Twitter.
HueTran Thi Minh Hue
Hue has been with Hanoi Grapevine since late 2009. She successfully completed her 16-month MBA at Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines in 2012 and currently divides her time between Hanoi and Singapore. Hue is in charge of business development, grant proposals and strategic planning for Hanoi Grapevine.
linhDo Thi Thuy Linh
Linh joined the Hanoi Grapevine team in 2010. She finished her MBA Intake 18 at Centre Franco-Vietnamien de formation à la Gestion CFVG (The French – Vietnamese Center for Management Education) in 2011 and currently is responsible for our daily content as well as all the administrative and financial work.

Beside the management board, Hanoi Grapevine also has a team which includes a part-time translator, volunteers and a few writers who review and photograph the art exhibitions and music performances on a voluntary basis. Read our Opinion section.


Grapevine is fortunate to have several members of the cultural community who serve in a voluntary capacity as advisors. These include:

NatashaNatalia Kraevskaia
Natalia Kraevskaia, better known as Natasha, is the founder of the famous Salon Natasha, one of the first and foremost names in the development of the contemporary art scene in Vietnam.
TramVu Ngoc Tram
A very familiar face in the local art scene, Tram worked for nearly a decade promoting the arts with the British Council in Hanoi before leaving to co-found the new and popular arts café Manzi.
Tri MinhTri Minh
A well-known musician, composer, DJ and performer, Tri Minh is also one of the main forces contributing to the development of the contemporary music scene in Vietnam.  He is the founder of the ground-breaking annual music festival, Hanoi Sound Stuff.
PaulPaul Zetter
Not only an excellent and prolific filmmaker, Paul is also a knowledgeable jazz aficionado and musician. He writes our jazz reviews on Grapevine, which you can find in our Opinion section. Read more of his writing and listen to him perform some of his own original music on the piano.


For all inquiries regarding advertising, supporting, volunteering, content contributing, etc. please email us at [email protected]
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