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    Ha Manh Thang
    Artist Ha Manh Thang

    Ha Manh Thang has been described by Galerie Quynh in HCMC as “one of Vietnam’s most important young painters”. He came to prominence with his colorful and sarcastic series of paintings addressing issues of tradition and modernity and the influence of consumerism since Doi Moi. His current work looks at iconic architectural structures in Vietnam, reducing them to their essential forms, isolating them from their contexts and calling into question their roles and meanings.
    Ha Manh Thang has exhibited internationally including Berlin, Budapest, Stuttgart and New York. His work is included in the collection of the Singapore Art Museum and the Bodnar Art Collection, as well as numerous private collections.

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    These works are featured in The Grapevine Selection – Volume I.
    Thang presents 5 brand new paintings in acrylic, oil and charcoal on paper. This series, entitled “Far in the North”, continues the earlier theme, working with architectural drawings of the temples in the north of Vietnam.

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    Born in 1980 in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam
    Lives and works in Hanoi, Vietnam


    2004 Graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University


    • 2013 HEAVEN IS A PLACE, Galerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • 2010 Not Memory, Bui Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
    • 2008 The rain and the small stream, Ernst & Young Asean Art Outreach, Singapore
    • 2007  Red Faces, Dong Phong Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
    • 2008  Beyond the Portrait, Suffusive Art Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


    • 2012 REVEALED CONCEALED: ALTERED ICONS, Galerie Quynh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • 2011 Instruments of Meditation: Works of Art from the Zoltán Bodnár Collection, Reök Palace, Budapest, Hungary
    • 2010 The Armory Show, Bui Gallery and Mendes Wood Gallery, New York, NY, USA
    • Ha Manh Thang and Le Qui Thong in the Bodnár Collection, NextArt Galéria, Budapest, Hungary
    • 2009 Connect: Kunstzene Vietnam, ifa Galleries, Berlin and Stuttgart Who do you think we are?, Bui Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam
    • 2008 Post Doi Moi: Vietnamese Art After 1990, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore SH3OOT, L’Espace, Centre Culturel Français de Hanoi, Vietnam
    • 2007 Hanoi: 5000 Hoan Kiem Lakes, curated by Natasha Kraevskaia, Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam
    • The Other Side, Maison des Arts, Hanoi, Vietnam 2006 Trading, Suffusive Art Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


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