Culture At Home: RnB – Souls hits

Culture At Home: RnB – Souls hits

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30 Mar 2020 & 01 Apr 2020

From Goethe

Empty cinemass, closed theaters and shut-down galleries, canceled concerts – the new pandemic has a massive impact on cultural life. As a result, artists are going online. In the following popcast you can listen to latest hits from Germany.

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Became a shooting star at the end of 2019, winning the sponsorship crown from 1Live and the prize for pop culture. Rarrie the hit of the 18-year-old singer received 3.9 million clicks on Spotify and was also celebrated with her live performances at Lollapalooza in Berlin, CO Pop Festival in Cologne or at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.

30 Mar 2020: Amilli

Johanna Amelie

Composed her romantic pieces with friends and with the moon. The moon – a long time ago was part of the earth, she says – and burst apart after collision with another celestial body. So, without earth there is no moon, without light there is no shadow, without difficulties there wouldn’t be times of joy and happiness.

01 Apr 2020: Johanna Amelie


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