Suzanne’s Dresses

Suzanne’s Dresses

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Every time Art Vietnam Gallery opens a new exhibition, there are many good reasons to attend. The art work on display is of course always the main reason. Encountering all the people from the Hanoi art scene who gather there is another.

But there is also a perhaps less well-known reason – a little unannounced surprise at every opening.

Director Suzanne Lecht is always resplendent in a one-of-a-kind designer dress made especially for the occasion, inspired directly by the work of the artist on display. The creations of well-known Hanoi fashion designer Diego Cortiza, the dresses are an additional treat at every opening.

This time they are inspired by Traces of Memory, the current exhibition of work by Nguyen Cam.

See more images of his work with KVT’s comments on the exhibition.

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