Nguyen Cam at Art Vietnam Gallery

Nguyen Cam at Art Vietnam Gallery

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Nguyen Cam at Art Vietnam

Traces of Memory

Opening: Fri 08 Oct 2010, 6 – 8 pm
Exhibition: 08 Oct – 05 Nov 2010
Art Vietnam Gallery

From Art Vietnam Gallery:
As Hanoi approaches its 1000th year anniversary, the city is pregnant with memory infused with the chaotic rhythm of contemporary life today in the capitol city. The Gallery’s most senior artist, Nguyen Cam has returned from Paris and organized an exhibition titled “Traces of memory” to celebrate this momentous historical celebration of time passing.

Nguyen Cam, an artist exiled from his country in his youth, reclaims place and time from the solemn, wizened perspective of a man whose life has been pushed and pulled, torn and mended. Bits of jute, calligraphic musings, prayer papers, ginkgo leaves, tea leaves, and other distinctly Vietnamese traces are imposed upon fractured landscapes illustrating an unspoken diary, exposed for all to see. Ever mindful of the beauty of movement the artist methodically pursues his future, honors his past, reveres the present, and exposes injuries accumulated along the way. Running like the river of time itself, Cam allows all the forces of his life to collide on the canvas. The memories, graced by time’s fine wash are content to just be, residing as chapters portraying a life fully lived.

Please come to join us in this celebration of Hanoi’s 1000th year anniversary and the universal honoring of life fully lived.

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