Exhibition “Breeding Season” by Thai Nhat Minh

Exhibition “Breeding Season” by Thai Nhat Minh

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logo_manziThe breeding season

Opening: Fri 13 Jun 2014, 6 pm
Exhibition: 13 Jun – 13 Jul 2014
Manzi Art Space

From Manzi:

Manzi art space and ACCAviet are proud to present a solo show entitled “Breeding season” as part of a series of experimental works by sculptor Thai Nhat Minh.

Inspired by the breeding season, during which living creatures grow enlivened, elated, enraptured, when all crave unification, procreation and seek an escape from sorrow and solitude, this series by Thai Nhat Minh aspires to portray the connection between sculpture and abstract notions of landscape, time, and mentality. An intimate relationship – seemingly extraneous yet consistent between natural connections and those in contemporary life – one that remains clouded in everyone’s consciousness.

The breeding season 1,Thai Nhat Minh

The breeding season 14,Thai Nhat Minh

This series is the continuation of Minh’s experiment in landscape sculpture. In his exhibition “The birds” in 2013, Minh did not introduce his works as merely individual shapes but rather a combination of chrome and wood sculptures, along with connected bamboo sticks – a material that is dear to every Vietnamese’s remembrance.

In “Breeding season”, Thai Nhat Minh continues to examine and further develop the connection between sculpture and space as two inseparable components. In a colonial style villa, Minh has transformed this bar-cafe into his own creative area. The sculptures are installed in several locations within the villa: on tables and shelves, on walls, installed solo or in groups in different rooms. Objects and spaces that often serve as background for people’s gatherings: table surfaces, blank walls, floors, even dark stair corners become bearers of artistic ideas. Minh’s sculpture space then transforms into that of improvisation and interaction, provoking contemplation and self-reflection from all creatures (objects, furniture, light, and humans) within this creative expanse where an amalgam of sculpture and space exists.

The breeding season 5,Thai Nhat Minh

Figures made from pasteboard – Minh’s experimental material, harmonized with his recurrent sculptures are there to create an intimate atmosphere. Thai Nhat Minh’s new works not only embody his venture with a material, but more importantly these sculptures express a more profound contemplation in shapes and spaces, which will bring the artist closer into conceptual sculpture – a path that Minh hopes to pursue.

Thái Nhật Minh:

Thai Nhat Minh was born in 1984 in Tam Son, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc. Minh graduated from Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 2009 with a Bachelor degree in Sculpture, and went on to obtain his Master degree in 2012.

Thai Nhat Minh

Minh began his career as a sculpture during his university years. Until now, he has had almost 10 years of artistic experience and has won numerous awards at many exhibitions across the country. Minh also participated in various group exhibitions, art events, workshops, along with a number of important art projects.

Minh had his solo exhibition entitled “The birds” in April 2013 at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. In addition, his works were also displayed at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong in March 2014, Affordable Art Fair Singapore in May 2014, Asia Contemporary Art Show at JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong in October 2010 and at Conrad Hotel Hong Kong in May 2014.

The breeding season 2,Thai Nhat Minh

The breeding season 3,Thai Nhat Minh

manzi art space

manzi is a locally driven independent contemporary art center, which challenges traditional perception and boundaries of art forms. The venue hosts visual art exhibitions, workshops, movie screenings, talks, music, and dance performance. We present established artists, but give special support to young and emerging artists.
Our mission is to promote contemporary arts and build new audiences for the art. We do so through active partnerships, collaborations and dialogues with artists, thinkers and communities alike.
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ACCAviet is a group of independent curators and event organizers working together to organize exhibitions and art events for local and international artists in Vietnam.

It is the objective of ACCAviet to collaborate, exchange, and generate dialogues and connection with other artists and independent curators, organizations, institutes, art centers within and outside of Vietnam, towards the goals of creating more opportunities for artists, to nurture and enrich the art scene in Vietnam, to promote the development of contemporary art and cultural environment.

For more information, please contact:
Nguyen Anh Tuan
Email: [email protected]

Thai Nhat Minh
Email: [email protected]

The show is part of manzi art programme supported by the Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) of the Danish Embassy.

Communications partners: Hanoi Grapevine and &OfOtherThings

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Manzi Art Space
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