Seen By Others

Seen By Others

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Duong Thuy Duong
Duong Thuy Duong

Opening: Wed 20 May, 6pm
Exhibition: 21-27 May 2009

A painting exhibition by Duong Thuy Duong.

The theme of Duong Thuy Duong’s paintings is always the human being. In Seen by Others the artist addresses the loss of the self and the brutalization of the soul. One spends a lifetime chasing one’s wishes in a hopeless attempt to possess what one desires and loves, and in the process destroys the souls of others as well. Duong Thuy Duong wishes to make visible with her paintings this barely perceptible process.

Seen by Others also speaks of the fact that while we readily judge our fellow man, we often shrink back from a confrontation with ourselves. And so it is the head of the artist which moves through this exhibition, observing itself with all its chasms, while being observed by others, by the public.

Duong Thuy Duong moves between worlds. She began her career as an artist in Hanoi, where she was born in 1979. After completing her initial studies in fashion design, she moved on to a university education in the field of painting. The change in direction was followed by a change of location – since 2002 Duong Thuy Duong has studied in Germany at the College of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle on the Saale.

The artist will be present at the opening.

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