Tuan Mami’s Art Project in Korea

Tuan Mami’s Art Project in Korea

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Pyeong Sang culture

“What’s the mom waiting for” project
Opening: Sat 02 Jul 2011, 6.30 pm

Tuan Mami is a well-known Hanoi contemporary artist who is currently doing a residency in Korea. He sent us this information below about his current project:

About “What’s the mom waiting for?” project, artist says:

I borrow all “Pyeong Sang” (20 ones) from the village people and install them in the big yard of Nottle (the space’s been a primary school before but now transformed  into a public space where brings artists come to live and practice art),

Then, I invite the old woman who owner of Pyeong Sang come and share their space and their life on the state.

By showing the private, real life on stage as stories, drinking, food… it shows a problem as two side of one coin that we are desiring a more comfortable life but in the same time losing a part of emotion.

The form of project is to re-create the public space to make a remark on our environment where we’re sharing together.

On the other hand, I want to reveal the hidden meaning beyond the form of the work that aims to decode what’s the substance of the movements that include: emigration, time, life, stories, image, and gathering. The title of the work “ What’s the mom waiting for” is the question for everyone who wants to question the movement in both of inner and outer world of existence.

Mami and local community

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