Vietnam – Korean Exchange Exhibition

Vietnam – Korean Exchange Exhibition

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Vietnam-Korea Exhibition

Opening: Tue 14 Feb, 4.30 pm
Exhibition : 14 – 18 Feb
Discussion: Fri 17 Feb 2012, 10 am
Korean Cultural Center

From Korean Cultural Center::
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Viet Nam and Korea, the Korean Cultural Center organizes an exchange exhibition among Vietnamese and Korean artists. This exhibition includes oil paintings, lacquer paintings, graphic designs of 8 talented Vietnamese artists (Ngo Quang Nam, Doan Hong, Nguyen Van Cuong, Tran Yen The, Vu Bach Lien, Cong Quoc Thang, Ha ANh Tuan, Vu Viet Cuong) together with art lecturers and ceramic artists from Korea (Min Gi Hi, Lee Myung-Ah, Jang Jin, Han Hyung Lim, Ro Hae Sin và Kim Jong In).

Each of the art works describe different characteristic of different cultures. If the Vietnamese artists often draw the scenery, the Vietnamese people, the buffalo, the bamboo trees, the soldiers, etc, the Korean artists represent the delicacy on ceramic.

In addition, the talk on 17th Feb is an opportunity for the artisans of two countries to learn from each other and exchange ideas for the future art scenes.

See some of the art works below:

Vietnamese Bamboo by Ha Anh Tuan
Mountain by Han Hyung Lim
Work by Kim Jong In
Work of Nguyen Van Cuong

Korean Cultural Center
49 Nguyen Du, Hanoi
Tel: 39445980


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