Screening of “Petites Planetes”

Screening of “Petites Planetes”

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Tue 25 Sep 2012, 8 pm

From the organizer:
By now you may have heard of the intriguing name of Vincent Moon, thanks to The Onion Cellar’s 2 Take Away Shows in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. After the recent success of La Faute Des Fleurs – one of the highlights from OTO | EIGA, here’s another chance for Vietnamese audience to experience the unique ‘Moon magic’.

That image of indie bands and artists performing impromptu gigs on the streets of Paris probably automatically makes people think of La Blogothèque, and especially Vincent Moon.

But such limited description would do this talented French filmmaker injustice. His recent nomadic years have seen him travelling around and across the world, from the remotest African villages through deserts, rainforests, South American cities thousand metres above sea level, witnessing mythical religious rituals, breathing in urban dusts from thousands of South East Asian motorbikes.

However, what he has been looking for is probably not even the most magnificent sight of the Earth. The same camera and a few low-budget microphones that have helped him film hundreds of Western indie bands are now used to capture traditional arts and music that are constantly facing the threat of being consumed by modernity, or local musicians that seem to have been forgotten by the world and the passing of time. Everywhere he goes to, more and more ‘Take Away Shows’ take place – though with decidedly local exotic flavours. Gradually, a new series take shape: Petites Planètes – Little Planet.

Once again, the films will be curated by The Onion Cellar, including some new unreleased shorts by Vincent Moon.


73a Mai Hac De, Hanoi


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