”Vietnam from Above” – Stunning Footage by Vietnamese Videographer

”Vietnam from Above” – Stunning Footage by Vietnamese Videographer

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Still image from Le The Thang's video "Vietnam from Above"
Still image from Le The Thang’s video “Vietnam from Above”

Photographer Le The Thang has summed up his two-year journey of exploring Vietnam in a six-minute video entitled “Vietnam from Above”, capturing breathtaking scenes of the S-shaped country from the sky.

The video instantly attracted netizens. Half a day after it was published, “Vietnam from Above” got more than 32,000 views and was shared nearly 900 times.

The photographer talked about his project:

“Two years ago, I was so much excited embarking on a journey across Vietnam with the hope to produce my own video about the country looking from the sky. Two years of wandering might sound like a long time, but it ended in the blink of an eye. I have traveled to almost all corners of this beautiful land, just to find my excitement turned into disillusion.

Now I am sitting here, recalling my wandering days, accumulating all the memories; and finally got a picture of Vietnam – it’s discrete, sad and hopeless.

In this video I don’t show Saigon or Hanoi, there is also not much sea. And the video is wrapped up with the image of a lone boat plunging into the ocean.

There are several places I have been to, but they are not included in the video, maybe they just didn’t leave a mark in my heart, or maybe I just forgot. I don’t know why, it must have been destiny…”

See Vietnam in a different light through Le The Thang’s video:
(Music: “Impression” by Dexter Britain and The Temple Valley)

Le The Thang started learning photography in 2003. With 9 years of photographic experience, he is currently one of the major contributors who take part in bringing Vietnam to the world through photos and tourism videos made with flycam.


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